Busting Common Flu Vaccine Myths. #SDMFluFighters with Giveaway!


My kids get the flu vaccine each year. Me…I’m a little on the wimpy side and while I SAY I’m going to get the flu vaccine…I usually put it off and hope for the best.

Well…that’s just not good enough anymore.

The last few years, I’ve been dealing with some sinus and respiratory issues so getting the flu on top of that is simply miserable. Throw in that I run my own business and I’m fairly busy with an active home…and there’s simply NO TIME to get sick.

With that in mind…I dragged my wimpy self to Shoppers Drug Mart where my favourite pharmacist (who also happens to be a blogger), was all too pleased to poke me!


I’ll admit…my arm was sore for a few days after and I complained every single chance I could get just hoping that someone might take a little pity on me and get me a cup of tea or something (they didn’t.) BUT, I have to say, I have NO PROBLEM putting up with a couple of days of my arm being sore to avoid getting the flu…and I feel MUCH more confident going into Flu Season that I’ve done what I need to do to stay on the healthy side of things.

And really…getting the flu vaccine from a smiling friend, who was really gentle and sweet, was a bit of a no-brainer!

I’ve heard a number of misconceptions about the flu and thought I’d take the opportunity, as part of Shoppers Drug Mart’s #SDMFluFighter Team…to knock down a few old-wives-tales and set the record straight.

Common Misconceptions about the Flu Vaccine:

1. The flu vaccine gives you the flu.

FALSE. Flu vaccinations delivered via a needle are either made with an ‘inactivated’ flu virus that’s not infectious, or with no flu virus at all.

2. You don’t need to get the flu vaccine every year.

FALSE. In order to best protect yourself from the flu you need to be vaccinated annually. Getting a vaccine doesn’t need to be a complicated, time-consuming process. Canadians can drop in to their local Shoppers Drug Mart or select grocery stores at any time of day, without an appointment.

3. You should wait until the height of flu season to get vaccinated so you’re protected for longer.

FALSE. While it’s never too late to get vaccinated, it’s best to receive your flu shot soon after it’s available. The antibodies delivered via the flu vaccine that protect you against infection take up to two weeks to take effect, and since the flu peaks between December and February, it’s important to get vaccinated weeks before the holiday party season starts.

4. Pregnant women need to get consent from their doctor prior to receiving the flu vaccine.

FALSE. There is no recommendation for pregnant women to seek consent from their doctor prior to vaccination. However, there are some people who should seek their doctors’ advice prior to being vaccinated, including those who have a moderate-to-severe illness and patients with a history of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

For further information, visit the Centre for Disease Control, Shoppers Drug Mart’s website, or pop in to chat with your local Shopper’s pharmacist.

Getting my few vaccine took 10 minutes out of my day…with no appointment, and it’s absolutely FREE.

Are you getting yours this year?

Got it!



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Disclosure: I am compensated for my part in the #SDMFluFighters program, all opinions are my own.

24 Replies to “Busting Common Flu Vaccine Myths. #SDMFluFighters with Giveaway!”

  1. Yes, we all got our flu shots this year! We also try to get lots of rest, eat well and wash our hands a lot!

  2. I don’t get flu shots. Wash your hands frequently and eat right. Also stay away from people with colds and flu.

  3. No flu shots for us this year! I’m torn every year on what to do.
    Lots of hand washing (and crossed fingers) to keep the germs away!

  4. I did not get a flu shot. Some other ways I keep the flu at bay is washing my hands more often than I usually do, and staying away from sick co-workers lol

  5. I didn’t get a flu shot this year. I stay healthy by exercising and eating a lot of winter fruit.

  6. I didn’t get a shot. I try to stay really healthy with lots of rest, constant handwashing, eating lots of fruits and staying warm.

  7. I did not get a flu shot, so I’m obsessed with washing hands and keep Oregano Oil and Oscillococcinum on hand.

  8. I have not gotten a flu shot. I try to stay flu free by using hand sanitizer, washing my hands, taking vitamins & eating healthy.

  9. I didn’t get a flu shot this year. I stay healthy by washing hands frequently, drinking lots of water, taking vitamins and getting lots of rest

  10. I think one of the most things to protect yourself from the flu is not getting run down, getting enough sleep, exercise and eating healthy.

  11. I never get a flu shot, I take vitamins, eat lots of fruits and veggies and get plenty of rest and fluids

  12. We get the flu shot but, I also carry anti-bacterial hand wash with me so that I can keep my hands clean as well all the time.

  13. I haven’t gotten a flu shot ever but I wash my hands religiously and always have hand sanitizer.

  14. I am not a flu shot proponent, but we are huge on washing our hands and sneezing into our elbows.