Bringing joy into the world…Amy MacAulay #KIAWorkingMom

Every mom has a birth story! Honestly, gather a room full of women and start to chat about your birth story and next thing you know, everyone’s chatting about the most amazing, heart-wrenching, awe-inspiring stories that first brought our people into the world.

Amy MacAulay hears them all!

Born and raised in Tyne Valley, PEI, a small town just past Summerside, Amy discovered her love of children from a very young age as she babysat most evenings and weekends for several families. In 1996, Amy went to Holland College to obtain her diploma as an Early Childhood Educator then moved to Halifax to attend Mount Saint Vincent and earn her degree in Child and Youth Studies. In High School and again during University, Amy volunteered at the local hospital…constantly surrounding herself with children…Amy was on a path to do amazing things!

In 2008, Amy became a birth doula and volunteered for a few years before starting her own company, Embrace Doula, in 2011. Last year, Amy was certified as a postpartum doula and she’s currently studying for the Lamaze Childbirth Education Exam this May…with hopes to be teaching classes soon.

Amy is committed to helping women and families have positive birth experiences.

Working for a time in a resource centre, Amy heard the stories…the good and the bad…and wanted to do everything she could to make a difference. She wanted families to take part in the process of their birth…by helping them to have a voice, by educating them and giving them the information they need to help guide her through the process…together. Every single story is different as every single family is different.

While Amy is busy helping families bring little ones into the world…she’s a busy mom herself!

Jasper, 6, and Fiona, 3, call Amy their Mommy.

Mornings start early and often, Amy tries to hit the gym before dropping Jasper at primary. A few days a week, Fiona attends pre-school and both children enjoy their time at music classes with Joyful Sounds Music Studio. (Louise MacDonald, owner of Joyful Sounds, was part of our #KIAWorkingMom series last year! ) By evening, everyone is gathered back home to have supper together, have a little play time, then off to bed, bath and books by 7pm.

On the weekends, the MacAulay family like to visit friends and family, spend a bit of time at the farmers market, library, or take in a playdate or two. When time allows, they hit the road in their 2016 KIA Rondo and head to the family blueberry farm in Truro…sometimes, they head a little further and make the trip to PEI!

But when it’s birthing time…everything stops for Amy.

When I get called to a birth I am all there. I am 100% with the families, leaving other things behind.  I help support them throughout their birth to remind them that they can do it, to help them ask questions to their providers, help them have a the birth experience that they want.  I help educate and empower them and help them dig deep inside themselves.  It’s not up to me what kind of birth that they want but to help them have a joyful and empowering one is one of my top priorities.

So how does she stop, drop and run?

Amy’s partner is her rock. He’s on breakfast duty when Amy heads to the gym and knows that when she’s at a birth, he might not see her for hours…even days. Amy knows that the kids are taken care of…there’s nothing to worry about…it’s all in control.

Amy’s days are full of life and energy. When not facilitating an actual birth, she may be helping with a breastfeeding support group, teaching Infant Massage Classes, doing a bit of computer work, attending meetings with other doulas, having a session with families discussing prenatal or postpartum topics…every day is a little bit different. Somedays, Amy heads to Chapters and grabs a coffee and a book! For a bit of fun, to meet other women and get a little exercise…she plays Ultimate Frisbee!

Every mom has a birth story…Amy MacAulay, has quite a few!

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3 Replies to “Bringing joy into the world…Amy MacAulay #KIAWorkingMom”

  1. Wow. Now that is a rewarding job Amy has.

    I just love when you post these. Such a great series of real life people.

  2. Amy is an incredible person inside and out! I had the privilege of living next door to Amy during her childhood years and she help me out on many ,many occasions baby sitting my Boys ! She always had a smile on her face and in return they were also happy when she was around! When I think of what Amy does for a career I feel that’s what she always did (Bring joy in to the world) she is just a natural, an angel sent from God to touch as many people as posisible and fill all of us with joy! So happy for you Amy,Great job and beautiful family!!!