On hearing your stories about pharmacists…


I have no idea how the folks who judged the contest on the “5 Pharmacy Services you Should Know About” post, were EVER able to choose a winner based on the beautiful stories and submissions people entered. 

However, they did…and I was happy to send a message to the winner to let her know that a $500 gift card was coming her way…a woman who, after losing her parents, ended up with some medical issues and relied heavily on a pharmacist to help her through some pretty tough times. 

Reading the submissions made me aware of just how amazingly important these medical professionals are. They hear tough stories every single day…and they take the time to listen. 

I’ll be completely honest, I’m not sure I’ve thought of pharmacists quite the same way before writing this post for Shoppers Drug Mart and Real Atlantic Superstore Pharmacies for Pharmacist Awareness Month. But then, I read the stories of folks who have dealt with some very serious medical issues…and the pharmacists who took the time to listen to them and help them out…and I’m suddenly thinking that maybe there’s a reason I occasionally wait a little longer for my prescription. Maybe I’m not an emergency…or maybe there was someone who was in there before me who needed a great amount of explanation on medications concerning a sick child they’re caring for or a parent they’re nursing through their final days. 

Then I thought, maybe I need to cut the Pharmacist some slack! 

A few weeks ago I was sick. Sicker than I’ve probably ever been. By the time I went to the doctor and then headed to the drug store for not one but three medications…all I wanted was to get home and get to bed…but there was a line…and I couldn’t breathe. Without asking, and with dozens of baskets on the counter waiting to be filled with multiple prescriptions not to mention a phone that was ringing and a variety of people working behind the counter to get everything done…I was moved up the line and provided a puffer in record time so I could finally catch my breath.  

When reading through the entries, a few stories took my breath away again as various words stood out…


I read countless stories of pharmacists who have gone above and beyond to research medications and treatments for multiple moms who are dealing with children who have various medical issues…keeping them educated on the most up-to-date information, phoning them at home to check in and see how things are going, stopping them on the street to give them an encouraging hug. Not one story…not two…MULTIPLE. One story after the next of pharmacists who were there to provide education and encouragement…when needed. 

So, to all of you battling health crisis in your own lives or the lives of your loved ones…I send you a virtual hug. I’m grateful to know that there are so many health care professionals, including our neighbourhood pharmacists, who are out there going the extra mile to make sure things run as smooth as they can!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and took the time to read the blog post. If you haven’t had a moment to get to know your pharmacist, make sure to take a moment to say hello the next time you’re in for a prescription…from everything I’ve read, there are some pretty amazing folks behind those white coats who are doing a lot more…than we often notice! 

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Disclaimer: I was compensated by Shoppers Drug Mart for this post. As always, opinions are my own