Work-from-Home Snacks and a Twitter Party with President’s Choice #PCInsidersCollection

I LOVE my “work-from-home” gig but I have to say, some days it’s a bit of a challenge. For starters, often, I wake and start my day with a cup of tea and open my computer on the couch to begin answering a few emails and checking into social medial…then next thing you know, it’s mid-afternoon and I’m still in my PJs in the exact same place my morning first began!

THEN, there’s the ever-constant requests from the kids as while they technically “know” I’m working, they can still “see” me and therefore, I obviously have time to drop everything and meet whatever demand they have at the moment!

Like finding something they lost.

Honestly, working from home is awesome…but besides getting “stuck” in PJs (not always a bad thing) and having kid-interuptions (also, not really a bad thing)…there’s also the fact that you have…

  • A multitude of distractions…like the laundry, the dishwasher, the Netflix!
  • You work CONSTANTLY…because you need to fit it all in.
  • It can be lonely…since no one is meeting you at the water cooler.

Then, throw in SUMMER and it’s SO MUCH WORSE because it’s sunny, and you have this deck…and you move your computer outside but the glare from the sun is too much on your screen and birds are chirping and distracting you and the heat is warming your tired bones and the next thing you know, you’re spread out taking a nap in your jammies on your deck furniture mid-afternoon!

‘Cause you can!

The discipline and organization it takes to work from home is HUGE…but, it totally can be done especially if you plan for the fact that you’ll have a few distractions here and there.

This past week, with the warmer weather and sunny days, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a few of the President’s Choice Insider’s Collection Summer Treats and rather than eating alone at my desk from now on, I think I’m going to make it a habit to take a little “me time,” enjoy a little lunch, have an afternoon snack and enjoy the fact that IT’S SUMMER…and I CAN take a break in the sun in the afternoon if I want. In fact, it makes me that much more productive to sit back and THINK for a bit…relax for a moment…then head back to the office and get back to work.

Take this week, my son and I had a quick little chat on the front porch and enjoyed a bit of PC® Cold Brew Single Origin Black Coffee while chit chatting about his weekend away in Montreal for the F1 Grand Prix. It was fabulous to take a moment for a cold drink without having to brew a pot of coffee and then make it cold, or run to a drive-thru to get what we needed.

It’s easy peasy pop open the container, pour over ice…and enjoy!

Plus…I felt a bit connected with my kid for a moment in an otherwise busy work day.

Lunch is usually non-existent for me unless I grab something on the run, whatever is leftover from the night before, or a plate of crackers and cheese to have at my desk.

HOWEVER, this week I actually sat down and enjoyed the PC® Chicken, Bacon & Caramelized Onion Flatbread that I paired with the PC® Organics Watermelon Lemonade and I have to tell you…lunch was DELICIOUS! Not only that, but it was ready in NINE MINUTES and I took a bit of a break to sit out and enjoy the warm weather and cool, crisp lemonade that was absolutely refreshing.


You’d think coffee and lunch would just about cover it for workday food…BUT THERE’S SNACKS! Like, seriously, if I worked in an office, there’d be all those birthdays to celebrate and cake to be eaten in the conference room…so really, what’s wrong with a little afternoon snack here and there?!

For example, these PC® Lemon Raspberry Naturally Flavoured Cheesecake Truffles were so good to just pop in your mouth that I had three!

OK…I had five!

Anyway, I took a moment out of a busy day and completely enjoyed a cup of tea (from my Nanny’s tea-cup)…along with the tasty little morsels. While I enjoyed the treat immensely, it was also really rather nice to sit back and think about my Nan for a bit. She passed away a number of years ago and I wondered what she’d think about my “work-from-home” career and I think she’d be rather impressed with me!

Most days, I have a few cups of tea…adding the snack and taking a special moment to relax, really lifted my spirits!

But the best treat of my work week by far, was enjoying a little time with my daughter as we sat outside on the deck while she sang a little tune and played her ukulele.

Throw in a PC® S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich and it made a sweet moment, that much sweeter!

This week, I tested a great many treats from the PC Insiders Collection and taking a few breaks to sit outside with a treat, a cup of coffee, a bit of tea…has made the week incredibly enjoyable AND allowed me to feel a bit of Summer…making me enjoy my work-from-home gig all that more!

 – – – – – – – –

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