A day at the seashore…

It was an absolutely glorious (albeit foggy) day that brought a group of my favourite local bloggers to Oceanstone Seaside Resort for an afternoon workshop.

Situated just moments from Peggy’s Cove in Indian Harbour, this resort seems to be holding onto a bit of a secret that really and truly, everyone should be told about! I’d browsed online at photos before visiting, but take my word for it, you HAVE to see it to believe it as it truly is an absolutely stunning place both in its proximity to the sea, its amazing facility, and the lovely folks who welcomed us there.

Lizzie Moore is the President of Oceanstone…a warm, lovely, welcoming business woman…she was keen to show us her fabulous space. Purchased just a few years ago, Lizzie has been adding her own special touches to this wonderful venue and as she showed us around and introduced us to the various staff members we met along the way, it was evident that she loves the path her life had taken.

We started our visit with a chat and welcome, then headed up the hill to Rhubarb Restaurant for a quick peek around as we perused the art and the spectacular menu! (I’ll be back for brunch.) From there, we had a tour of the grounds featuring beautiful seaside cottages on private beaches boasting lovely decks and outdoor fireplaces…each cottage charming and lovely in its own right making you want to move in and relax…until you saw the next one and found yourself completely conflicted as to where you’d like to be! Each cottage we saw offered the ABSOLUTE PERFECT GETAWAY for ANYONE!

This is the place where families come year after year to spend the week in “their” cottage! It’s the place where couples get away for a romantic weekend. A place where I could write to my heart’s content in a window overlooking the sea, as the Nova Scotia fog lifts to reveal the beauty behind it.

It’s a place where a fantastic group of bloggers could spend an afternoon discussing business in an exquisite board room overlooking the beautiful beach beyond.

But, touring and working weren’t the only things on our agenda as Oceanstone treated us to the most delicious, healthy, tasty lunch complete with a demo from their chef on how to make it!

Honestly, Oceanstone pulled out ALL the stops! ALL OF THEM!

Once lunch began, we eventually got down to work after a spending a bit of time chatting and photographing…along with Tweeting, Instagramming and Facebooking as bloggers do! (Check out the #ECMWorkshop hashtag on social media to see all the posts!)

Our afternoon was filled with laughter and learning as we debated and discussed “Calendars and Content Planning” over salmon, chicken, salads and dessert. Each of us sharing knowledge that will allow our blogs to continue to be the very best they can!

Everything about Oceanstone Seaside Resort was perfect from the beautiful facility that offered us a spot to have our workshop, the delicious lunch and fun demo, the special bottles for collecting sea glass, each of our names written on rocks, gift bags for everyone…they truly showed us what makes this place so special…

…as I stood there…grinning at the room before me knowing…THESE ARE MY PEOPLE! 

This is where I belong.

This blogging life…the ability to see new things and explore new places, to meet new people and have the support of so many who “get” what I do…it really is a wonderful thing.

A HUGE thanks to Lizzie and the staff at Oceanstone Seaside Resort for showing us around and providing us such a beautiful location for our ECM Media workshop. As well, THANK YOU so much for inviting Tanya Canam Photography to capture our day…what an absolute treat for each of us! Every photo in this post was taken by Tanya…visit her website at www.tanyacanamphotography.com and consider her creative talents for your next event.

For more information on ECM Media, working with East Coast Bloggers, or sponsoring a workshop…visit our website and send us an email. We’d be happy to get together to chat!

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  1. I have heard of the Oceanstone Resort but have never visited. I’m thinking this would be a great destination for a girls getaway with my sisters and a couple friends!