Thanksgiving…ever so grateful

Remember I told you I summoned my children home? Well…they came, I saw, they’ve left…and, as bummed as I am, I’m a whole lot less so than I was before they arrived.

We shopped, ate, drank, sang, dance, laughed, cuddled, frolicked, played, and reminisced. Four days of much-needed family time where, on the moments they were away from me to do other things, I patiently waited for them to get back home so we could eat, laugh, sing, and cuddle some more.

Noah arrived on Wednesday evening and spent the first little bit catching up with his friends who were barrelling in for the weekend. Last year, we’d opted not to fly him home for Thanksgiving Weekend (as flights from Newfoundland can be outrageous), and while I thought it was a good idea at the time…I much preferred this year’s plan and was absolutely thrilled with his arrival. When Emily landed on Friday morning…my house was FILLED and PERFECT! With all three kids under the same roof…we settled in for a fabulous weekend.

We began with the celebration of my Mom’s birthday at Inn on the Lake, where we all enjoyed a great meal and a few laughs around the table. As always, Mom was in rare form as she kept us chuckling…suggesting that the beautiful pewter vase I’d gifted her looked much more like an urn! And now that she’s said it…I’m inclined to think the darn thing also looks like an urn as well BUT, she won’t let me return it! So…I’m thinking I may as well get a custom lid made for it and call it what it is!

By evening, my best girlfriends and their children had all gathered together where loud conversation, huge laughter, much food and a brand new dance move were on the agenda.

As the evening wore on, one kid after the next moved on to a “better” adventure and us moms were left with just two of our favourites who opted to stick it out with us to the very end…an end that included a much-entertaining dip in the hot tub! (Keeping in mind their privacy and my not wanting to reveal favourites…I’ll only share a picture of me and my girlfriends.)

The next morning, my friends and I texted back and forth about what a great evening it was, how grateful we are that our children are friends, and how lucky we are that they truly enjoy spending time with us. (Either that, or they’re really good at faking it which is just fine with us!)

The weekend continued with a few great meals, some time studying for upcoming mid-terms for Noah, working and schoolwork for Megan and a bit of shopping for Emily and I. We hit up a few of our favourite stores and took a stroll down the half-constructed Argyle Street where, from the looks of things, it’s going to be pretty fantastic! The pedestrian street looks fabulous and I can just imagine how wonderful it will be when the work is complete.

Side Note – For those of you living in Halifax…I know parking is a bit of a pain at the moment and the construction is overwhelming…but please continue to visit the shops and restaurants that need your business. I think we’ll all be Thankful when it’s all said and done…them most of all!

Our weekend was made complete with a full family day on Thanksgiving Monday, where we started our morning at Crystal Crescent Beach, spent the afternoon playing games, ate a fabulous meal (with my parents, brother, niece and Meg’s boyfriend), had some wonderful conversation and listened to a little ukulele music from Emily and Meg.

By the time I dropped the two oldest off at the airport to head back to Ottawa and St. John’s, I felt wrapped in the kind of embrace I needed. One that will last quite awhile. That I absolutely needed. That has done me the world of good!

For the next few months, Meg and I have much on our plates as she’s busy with volleyball season, school, work, social life and applying for university. Me…I’ve a few projects on my lap with the blog, and plenty of work to keep me entertained. Plus, I’m thinking of adding a few more walks on the beach to my days…and maybe a few more outings to my favourite local shops and restaurants.

Emily and Noah are back at work and school…and the we’ll all reconvene at Christmas…where the cold air will melt instantly just by the way these three warm my heart.

 – – – – – – – –

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