The difference between two Mondays…

I’m used to working from my home, living in my PJs and not having to spend any money on either parking or lunches.

It’s a total perk of my job. Running my own company as a freelancer, I get to choose when I start work, when I finish for the day, AND I get to fit all of my mom duties around my work schedule including running kids around and attending various sporting events.

Last week, I spent sixty-six dollars on parking, had to put on pants, and worked from the 7th floor of the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Halifax…all due to my Dad being ill.

First off…Dad is fine. He was admitted for symptoms and fear that he might be having/had or going to have a stroke…and in the end, it was completely ruled out. Turns out…there’s an issue with a nerve that affects his vision and inner ear so what he sees is being misinterpreted by his brain and his balance is basically a mess…causing a severe sea-sickness type of reaction with every movement he makes or anyone else around him makes for that matter. He will be fine…with a wee bit of physiotherapy to re-train his brain and a bit of time. He’s still hanging out at the hospital for another few days…and being catered to by my wonderful Mom (who is going to need a huge rest when all of this is over!)

Second…OH MY GOD the nursing staff, doctors, porters, neurology team, stroke team…basically everyone we’ve come in contact with HAVE BEEN AMAZING! Last year…Mom was in the hospital for a few days and her treatment throughout that time, while fine, wasn’t near as wonderful as it’s been this time around with Dad’s visit. So…I’m thinking the folks on 7 point 4 have a good thing going and enjoy their jobs as it really and truly has been as good of an experience as it could possibly be. SHOUT OUT to the nursing staff at the QEII who are pleasant and patient and wonderful and hard-working…really and truly class-act!

Third…MY JOB IS THE BEST! I am, once again, left thanking my lucky stars that not only do I have a job that I love…but HOW ABSOLUTELY LUCKY am I that I can put on pants and move my office to Dad’s bedside with little disruption. Admittedly, I didn’t quite put in a full week last week and I’ve had to push a few things off…but all was not lost! Even better…I have THE MOST AMAZING CLIENTS who, on seeing on social media that my Dad was in hospital, pulled the plug on their various projects and told me to take care of family first because basically…I’m surrounded by people in my personal and professional life…who have the exact same beliefs that I have.

It’s Monday and the start of a new week. I’ve much to catch up on, I’m behind with my work, the house is a wreck and currently I have my feet up and I’m drinking a cup of tea while fighting off a miserable cold I picked up along the way! I couldn’t visit the hospital yesterday or today onaccounta not wanting to spread my germs around…BUT I’m happy that I can still work from my couch in my jammies with a box of tissues by my side. I checked in on Dad and he’s having another good day. Things are moving forward and hopefully he’ll be out in the next few days, where, by then, my cold will be gone and I can move my office to my parent’s house and keep Dad company in order to give Mom a much-needed bit of a break from the multiple hours she’s sat on a rather uncomfortable chair next to her favourite guy.

I’m starting off my work-week counting my blessings as things looked a whole lot scarier this time last Monday!

I’m thankful for my awesome family (most especially Mom who’s been a rock star) and I’m incredibly grateful for our amazing healthcare system. I’m thankful for everyone who supported me last week and kept my head on straight. I’m thankful for this job that allows me to pick up and move locations at a moments notice. AND, I’m incredibly thankful for the extremely generous donation of the Gauthier and David families who gifted the QEII Hospital with free wi-fi for its patients and visitors…their donation was the main reason I was able to spend so much time at the hospital with Dad!

It’s a new week and from the looks of things…it’s going to be a great one!

3 Replies to “The difference between two Mondays…”

  1. So excited Bob is improving! What a blessing to have such a wonderful family around him and a staff who were so exceptional! Loves ya all!