How to Avoid Getting Sick When You’re Burning the Candle at Both Ends (Plus a Giveaway!)

What do you mean you’re overworked, chasing kids, staying up late, getting up early, running around like a chicken with your head cut off and keeping a to-do list longer than your actual arm? Isn’t EVERYONE?

These days, we’re fast paced from sun-up to sun-down and when you’re burning the candle at both ends…the problem occurs when both ends meet in the middle! Someone is about to get burned and quite likely, it’s bound to be you!

Flu and cold season is RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW…the sneezing, the sniffling, the hacking and coughing. With a busy life and a need to stay upright when everyone else is down and out, it’s important to do everything possible to avoid getting sick.

Shoppers Drug Mart is ready and waiting for you to pop into any of their locations for your annual flu shot. While flu season occurs from November to March or April, RIGHT NOW is the best time to get vaccinated as protection can last roughly six months, and takes approximately two weeks to take effect. According to the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, EVERYONE should get the flu vaccine (and I’ll be getting mine in the next few days as well.)

It takes NO TIME whatsoever out of your busy day and can in fact save you a few weeks of misery! Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacies across the country are making it easy by offering flu immunizations administered by an injection-certified pharmacist at all hours, without an appointment…just walk-in.

So, how do you avoid getting sick when you’re burning the candle at both ends?

  1. Strengthen your immune system by getting adequate sleep (7 to 8 hours each night), drinking plenty of fluids (at least 8 glasses of water each day), eating healthy foods, and staying active. All will go a long way to stay healthy through cold and flu season. 
  2. Practice good hygiene by washing your hands frequently, and for at least 20 seconds using warm water.  
  3. Get Vaccinated! Depending on how well the vaccine is matched to this year’s common viruses, 70-90 per cent of flu cases can be averted through vaccination. 

Besides that…STOP burning the candle at both ends! Ask for help. Join a carpool to share in the driving, go to bed an hour earlier than you normally would, get a little help around the house so everything doesn’t fall back on your shoulders, sit down and put your feet up with a cup of tea, LET A FEW THINGS GO that aren’t absolutely essential. Bottom line, it’s imperative to take care of YOU so you can continue to take care of everyone else!

Shoppers Cold & Flu Prize Pack:

To help take care of your family this flu season, Shoppers Drug Mart and Curtains are Open are hosting a giveaway…a chance to win a Cold & Flu Prize pack valued at $160. This prize package includes:

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart. As always, opinions are my own.

88 Replies to “How to Avoid Getting Sick When You’re Burning the Candle at Both Ends (Plus a Giveaway!)”

  1. I already got my flu shot and I am sick fighting a flu/pneumonia right now. 🙁 It’s nothing new though. I was born sick and I’ve had a weak immune system ever since.

  2. Yes, I get it every year. I have an auto-immune disease, so it’s a must for me. This pack would also be super helpful.

  3. I just had my tonsils removed so I’m waiting to recover before getting the flu shot this year! Great points about taking care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

  4. I won’t be getting the flu shot, but I’ll be doing a lot of other things to maintain good health!

  5. Yes, I have received my flu shot already and do so every year. Almost 30 year for me living with a respiratory condition.

  6. no,I don`t usually get the flu shot.
    I do try to take care of myself and stay healthy all year long.

  7. I’ve never had the flu shot. I haven’t had a cold in several years, so I’m going to chance it.

  8. I used to get flu shots when I was around those with compromised immune systems. I will not be getting one this year but I do a lot to avoid getting sick.

  9. The flu shot in my town was during work hours (they held a 3hr clinic) and I haven’t gotten into the city yet, but think that by the time I do make a trip in, they won’t be giving them anymore.

  10. I am not getting a flu shot this year, though I’ve recommended it to my mother who is older.

  11. I already got my flu shot as well as my 2 youngest kids. So many places and clinics it makes it easy to get!

  12. I’ve never had the flu shot or flu before. This year I am really thinking of getting the shot though.

  13. Yes, I have already gotten my flu shot. I was very sick almost a month straight last winter and am hoping to avoid that this year!

  14. Funny I should read this blog post right now as I struggle with snotty nose and sore throat.
    I already got the flu shot.

  15. YES I already got the flu shot. I have been getting the flu shot for years and never have come down with anything even close, the odd little sniffle but that is it. Thanks for the chance for the lovely chance.

  16. I was scheduled for a flu shot at work but they cancelled the clinic due to not enough vaccines available for all of us (I work for a city, there’s a lot of employees…). I still do plan to get one, just have to figure out the when and the where.

  17. I’m considering it as I’m getting older when I get flu it’s just horrible, plus I don’t want to spread it to my kids

  18. I already got the flu in October so now I am really considering getting the flu shot soon so I don’t get sick again. I want as much immunity as I can get!

  19. I got it. I’m in that population that depends on everyone to get it to survive basically.. I have an organ transplant and am immunosuppressed.. so while i get the shot every year, my weak immune system cannot make great antibodies.. but it still helps.. herd immunity helps more

  20. No, I am not getting it. They offered it at work but at the time I had a very bad sinus cold.