Family Memories…

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered from running an Etsy shop and selling multiple “Things We Love About You” prints over the last few years (a print I originally made to celebrate my Dad’s 70th birthday)…it’s that people all over the world are the EXACT SAME! We want to connect, we want to feel loved, we remember the “time” people have spent with us and not the “money” they’ve spent on us. We remember kindness, love…how a person makes us feel when we’re going through a rough time. We want to surround ourselves with those who make us feel special…share our memories, laugh, cry…relive those stories that connect us.

We are bound by our collective memories.

I’ve made 100s of these prints in multiple languages…and we are all the same. Same feelings. Same jokes. Same moments that lift our spirits. The human connection is at the heart of every story that’s told.

I’m not sure I’ll ever touch on a product again that connects people the way the Things We Love About You birthday print does but based on the photos, comments and thank-you emails I receive from people after they both give and receive the piece I helped create…I’m gonna try!!! People are searching for meaningful gifts that capture a “feeling.” In this busy and chaotic life we live…we are all looking for kindness, comfort and joy.

Christmas Memories

So, with all of that in mind and the fact that Christmas is just around the corner…I created the “Christmas Memories” piece to celebrate my beautiful family.

My Nan and Pop O’Dea had ten kids! TEN! When we gather together, the laughter and stories around the kitchen table are absolutely fabulous. As a member of the “next generation”…I LOVE to hear the tales from when my Dad and his siblings were younger…life with my sweet grandparents in their little home with multiple siblings in tiny rooms, spectacular meals and a house filled with music and friendship.

A few weeks ago, I sent an email to my Aunts and Uncles and asked them if they could share their Christmas memories from their childhood with me. I spurred on a few thoughts by asking how the house was decorated, what they did on Christmas Eve, what Nanny wore, what was their favourite gift, what Poppy did while Nanny made her famous Pudding and Sauce…things that would jog a few thoughts.

The emails rolled in…ESSAYS…hundreds of words and memory after memory…many of which were the same (or nearly the same) as their siblings but some quite different, others unique to the individual…every one of them spectacular!!!

I pared it down to a manageable size and created the “Christmas Memories from the O’Dea Siblings” and am absolutely thrilled with the results.

THESE MEMORIES CAN BE TREASURED and not forgotten as they’re captured in print and framed for everyone to see. My hope is that they’re put away for the year, and brought out during the holidays for all to enjoy. So the next generation can hang onto the stories…and use them to create more memories and traditions as our family grows.

Like the “Things We Love About You” piece, I’ll be offering this custom piece on Etsy for folks to order…you provide the content and memories and I’ll do the rest. It’s the loveliest gift for a group to get together and give to parents…and then print off a copy for everyone else in the family! In our case, with my grandparents no longer with us…it’s just such a lovely piece for all of the siblings to have in their homes…reminding us all that Family, History and LOVE…is what binds us together.

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To order a piece for your family, in time for the holidays, visit my Etsy Shop! (Note, time is getting tight so I’ll only be making so many of these this year…be sure to order yours soon!)

Huge thanks to Michelle Doucette Photography for photographing my new piece (along with some others that will be going up on Etsy this week.)

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    • Let’s hope! 🙂 I was really excited to branch out and offer a Christmas product…the birthday ones are such a hit!