Flu Shot Myths – AND a chance to win a $160 Shoppers Drug Mart Prize Package!

I dropped by the Fenwick Street Shoppers Drug Mart in Halifax this week to spend a little time with my very favourite pharmacist, Thanh, who ironically enough, also happens to be one of my very favourite social influencers.

While working full-time as a Pharmacist and enjoying helping people in her professional life, Thanh is also enjoying a life filled with adventures and sharing them online at Love and Sundays (click on the photo to follow her on Instagram.)

Thanh and I have had the pleasure of working together on multiple projects throughout the last few years and I greatly enjoy spending time with her. While I love the funny, down-to-earth, energetic Thanh, the Pharmacist Thanh, is someone I’ve discovered to be knowledgeable, kind, trustworthy, patient and professional…all traits that are incredibly important for the work that she does.

With flu season well under way, I FINALLY got in to get my flu shot this week and before we started, Thanh asked me a number of questions about my health and asked if I had any questions. I made the comment that last year’s flu shot had my arm a bit sore for a few days and Thanh explained that you need to RELAX when you’re getting your needle. Chances are, I was a little uptight last year and if you’re tense and your muscles in your arms are clenched, you’ll feel it for a few days. BUT if you just hang your arm to your side while getting your needle…all should be good!

I only half believed her…except that it TOTALLY WORKED. A wee little soreness…but nothing compared to last year and really, the bottom line is, I can put up with a few days of my arm being a little tender but I don’t, in any way, want a week or more with Influenza!

There are lots of misconceptions when it comes to the flu shot. If you have any questions at all…a Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacist will meet with you at anytime to discuss your health needs.

Some common myths include:

The flu is basically the same as a common cold and isn’t that serious.

FALSE. A cold tends to develop gradually, usually over the course of a day or two and can last up to two weeks.  Flu can come out of nowhere and hit hard, with a fever lasting a few days and weakness and tiredness potentially for several weeks. The flu can also have very serious consequences – it is estimated that 12,200 people are hospitalized, and about 3,500 die each year from the flu. By getting the flu shot you can help ensure every family member is protected, especially those most vulnerable like children and the elderly.   

The flu vaccine gives you the flu.

FALSE. Flu vaccinations delivered via a needle are either made with an ‘inactivated’ flu virus that’s not infectious, or with no flu virus at all.

You don’t need to get the flu vaccine every year.

FALSE. In order to best protect yourself from the flu you need to be vaccinated annually. Getting a vaccine doesn’t need to be a complicated, time consuming process.  You can drop in to you local Shoppers Drug Mart at any time of day, without an appointment.

I have a friend I can turn to at ANY time if I have questions about vaccinations, medications, illnesses and more…BUT SO DO YOU! Your Shopper’s Pharmacist is there to answer all of your questions, and so much more.

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart. As always, opinions are my own.

73 Replies to “Flu Shot Myths – AND a chance to win a $160 Shoppers Drug Mart Prize Package!”

  1. My plan to keeping healthy over the holidays are to rest, eat properly & to stay in if we’re not feeling well to keep the bugs from spreading. we already made our way into shoppers drug mart for our shots ☺️

  2. Didn’t get my flu shot I’m a big wuss I hate needles! My best tip for staying healthy this cold and flu season is to drink plenty of water and exercise daily(walking the dog x2) and plenty of rest but who gets plenty of rest lol. But truly I refuse to get sick if I feel a cold coming on I just try to stay more active.

  3. My best tip is to wash your hands frequently, eat lots of fruit and veggies, get lots of sleep

  4. My best tips for staying healthy is eat healthy, drink lots of water, take vitamin C and stay away from others that are sick.

  5. Make sure to drink lots of water and eat veggies. Exercise is also great to help stay sick free.

  6. I usually will take extra vitamins c & d. I also start taking Zinc the minute I feel something coming on.

  7. Get plenty of rest…when my eye starts to itch I know i’m coming down with something and I chew the chewable vit c & d that I have… Dress properly, drink lots of water

  8. Take additional vitamins each day and to get your flu shot. Wash your hands as often as you can to keep from spread of germs.

  9. Get lots of sleep, exercise, eat healthy, get a flu shot and stay away from sick people 🙂

  10. Great post – love the part about the myths! I definitely try to prevent the flu by being well rested every night, keeping healthy eating habits, and making sure to take any vitamins I might be lacking.

  11. STAY INSIDE! Lol… No in all seriousness, hand washing including deep under your fingernails and flu shots are highly important.

  12. My best tip is to wash hands often. As soon as we walk through the door, the first thing we do and go and wash our hands thoroughly.

  13. Drink plenty of water, get the flu shot, and wash your hands so you don’t spread your germs

  14. Aww so nice seeing you two together. We got our family flu shots and I’m so happy we did, anything to keep those germs at bay! Even though I hateeeeee needles 😉

  15. I insist everyone washes their hands regularily. I like to make a homemade chicken soup with lots of garlic and veggies in it! Eat lots of viiamin rich foods especially with vitamin C. and take our vitamin supplements.

  16. I take lots of vitamins and also cold preventative medication like sambucocl. I also drink lots of water and try to eat foods high in vitamin C like Kiwi and oranges.

  17. Aside from getting the flu shot, my best tip for staying healthy during Cold and Flu season is to do lots of hand washing. Before eating, after coming home from any public place, before cooking, after going to the bathroom, etc.

  18. My tip is to always get a flu shot and keep taking your vitamins. Try not to stress during the holidays and get rest!

  19. I work in a long term care home/ hospital. We wash our hands over and over again, at work and at home.Cover your mouth when you cough. Gets lots of rest and drink water. Stay home if you do not feel well to avoid spreading.

  20. We always get our flu shots yearly. We also eat well, exercise, and take our multi-vitamins!

  21. The thing that works the best is staying home as much as possible and avoiding children.. but that just isn’t realistic. It doesn’t hurt to carry a mask to holiday family events and use it despite feeling singled out for germaphobia.

  22. Hand washing as said by SO many others, and doing my best to keep my hands away from my eyes!

  23. Eating healthy during the winter months, staying hydrated, getting the FLU SHOT, dressing properly for the weather, washing your hands regularly and taking your vitamins especially Vit C

    Thank You and for the chance to win @curtainsareopen.com

  24. Taking a multi-vitamin daily plus probiotics, & hand washing often is a great defense against cold & flu!

  25. I like this article…I have been getting my flu shot for 25 years straight because of a respiratory illness! I also take oregano oil daily during the flu/cold season.

  26. My best tip for staying healthy during cold and flu season is to practice frequent handwashing. If handwashing is not available at the time, use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.

  27. My best tip to stay healthy during flu season is to be a frequent handwasher & cover sneezes & coughs with your elbow or sleeve.