This is 50…

I’d no more had the facebook invite sent out for my 50th birthday…that I began to think “crap, what have I done?” I’m all for a celebration but I’ve had a lot on my plate…and as time got closer, it was becoming more evident that I’d never be able to pull off what I’d envisioned in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.

However, cancelling it wasn’t an option as the one and only thing I really, really wanted for my birthday…was a visit from my daughter…who took some time off from work and booked her flight. Plus, like I said…I’m all for a celebration!

So…I commented to a group friends that I was in over my head and when they asked if there was something they could do…I asked that they take over the decorating!


I was shocked. Astonished. Absolutely floored and blown away.


Mind you, I did call the celebration the “Queen’s Golden Jubilee” so I shouldn’t have been all that surprised…although I WAS surprised by the number of friends who tried to overthrow me!

There were flowers and candelabras and tissue paper pom-poms and happy birthday signs and a fancy room and a dancing room and silk and gold lame…and IT WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and fit for a Queen. (Thanks Holly at Dean’s Flowers for having so many awesome things in your shop!!)

And, as if that wasn’t enough, another group of friends had a surprise up their sleeves that was the icing on the cake! They took my Royal Queen Celebration…and threw in a Newfoundland twist…knowing that “home and family” is a huge part of who I am.

THEY SHOWED UP AS MUMMERS! And, they gave me everything required to SCREECH EVERYONE IN!

There was screech and certificates from the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation and Purity Cookies and Snowballs and Peppermint Nobs and THERE WAS A FISH! All I had to do was ask “Do ye want to be Newfoundlanders” and they did the rest…a swig of the screech and a kiss to the cod and I officially screeched in a whack of my friends in an epic birthday moment while I’se the By’ played in the background and everyone had quite a laugh.

They made me feel like a Queen.

They made me feel loved.

They made me feel like I was the luckiest woman in the world.

Because I am.

6 Replies to “This is 50…”

  1. I wouldn’t have expected you to have anything less than a fabulous birthday celebration! Congratulations on all you have accomplished…and you are ONLY 50! XO

  2. Happy happy birthday. Colleen. Glad you had a great celebration for your birthday. Love Aunt BettyP

  3. What great friends and a fabulous evening for a well deserved daughter.Thanks everyone for making it so special. Mom

  4. I’d say you are VERY lucky indeed…glad that you had a great birthday celebration. My turn is on the way. ?