Feeling happy…

“You’re absolutely beautiful…how do you feel” her Aunt Carol Anne asked as she hugged her at the Public Gardens…there among the grandeur of tulle and tuxedos as one graduate after the next posed for photos with their adoring fans.

“Happy,” was her response.

“HAPPY” she said as I stood there, holding back tears.

“HAPPY” I let sink in as a million thoughts raced through my mind.

For “HAPPY”…was everything I could have wished for my darling girl.

Happy was a fabulous day, a dress with pockets and a gorgeous corsage. Happy was being surrounded by family and holding hands with a boyfriend who adores her. Happy was her sister flying home from Ottawa to take part in the festivities. Happy was posing for a photo with her siblings…all five of them proud and tall and so incredibly supportive of one another. Happy was finishing school, preparing to party the night away in celebration of all of the hard work behind her. Happy was getting through it…with High Honours…knowing she could finally rest and relax as the summer months were finally here.

“Happy” was everything.

“Happy” said I love my life.

Happy was the sparkle in her eye, the smile on her face, the glow that engulfed her.

It was looking absolutely radiant but feeling pure joy.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not the dress or the party, not the fabulous spray tan or the spectacular up-do, it wasn’t the french tipped nails or the extra blonde highlights…it was the simple fact that she felt fantastic from the inside out.

And “HAPPY”…made her shine.

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4 Replies to “Feeling happy…”

  1. What a wonderful word for a wonderful day!!! She looked stunning!!!! “Happy”

  2. Megan you are beautifulI I am so happy for you. And so glad that you feel happy. Love Aunt BettyP

  3. One day I’m going to read something Colleen has written and not shed tears…not today though.