Pure bliss at the spa… (and a GIVEAWAY!)

Considering one of my best friends owns a spa, you’d think I’d spend a lot more time having services done and taking advantage of her generosity.

Yet…my eyebrows are often bushy and scraggly, I’ve brittle nails that rarely see polish let alone an emery board, my toes are a gangly mess and my skin is as dry as a popcorn fart!

From time to time, I post a selfie on Instagram and it never fails that I get a message from my friend Lisa, owner of Mudwraps to Manicures, that says “Mama…” (she calls me Mama) … “Mama, call reception in the morning and book your eyebrows please.” Or, if I post a photo of me, holding a mug of tea, she sends me a note that says “Mama? Seriously mama, your nails!”

She watches out for me…her low, low, very low maintenance friend and in return, I’m super proud of her and everything she’s accomplished. So, I was absolutely delighted to visit a few weeks ago with some of my blogger friends for a #BeautyandBalance workshop.  Lisa taught us all how to give ourselves facials and we had an absolutely lovely evening chatting about finding balance in our busy lives. Lisa shared her knowledge on skincare, I shared my friend…it was a win-win all around for a perfect evening with friends!

That didn’t end there!

This week, myself and my friend and business partner at ECM Media, Laura, were treated to a bit of pampering at Mudwraps as we chatted about work while getting pedicures then laid back in giggled bliss while receiving the most relaxing facials (well, relaxing right up until the point that they did the “extractions” and then back to being relaxing again!)

This was my very first facial…and it definitely won’t be my last! The steam and the hot cloths and the multiple layers of moisturizer and the tingly exfoliant and the neck and shoulder massage and more steam and more heat and more moisturizer and then the mask that hardened to my face and made it all feel refreshed and amazing. It was PURE BLISS!

Sharing the experience with one of your friends…even better.

Chatting about work and enjoying a glass of wine while my legs were being massaged and my toes were being painted is my kind of work day! I left absolutely relaxed and refreshed…ready to take on the world…and my skin, it felt AMAZING!

GIVEAWAY from Mudwraps to Manicures

When was the last time your visited the spa? What are your favourite treatments? To celebrate #BeautyandBalance as we find ways to fit a little self care into our days, Mudwraps to Manicures has offered a GIVEAWAY to one lucky reader of either my blog, Curtains are Open or Laura’s blog, My Life in the Sun. The lucky winner will be treated to a Lemongrass Scrub Pedicure and a glass of wine to enjoy while your toes are being painted! To enter, simply fill out the form (on either blog) and we’ll inform the winner on March 15th where you’ll have 48 hours to respond. Mudwraps to Manicures is located in Bedford, Nova Scotia.


Check out Mudwraps on Instagram, to stay up to date on all of their specials, services and products in store.

Disclaimer: Our workshop and this blog post was sponsored by Mudwraps to Manicures. As always, opinions are my own.

7 Replies to “Pure bliss at the spa… (and a GIVEAWAY!)”

  1. It has been a year since I was at the spa. My favorite treatment is any type of massage.

  2. The last time I went to a spa it was with my mom for mother’s day. We both had pedicures and it was a lovely way to connect with someone I rarely get to see enough of anymore.

  3. Who can afford a day at the spa? Definitely not me. But, I sure would love to! I would probably love a massage or facial the best