When my daughter first showed me her “period app” and how she was using it to track her cycle in order to understand how her mind and body reacted at different times during the month…in my head, I admittedly thought, “you’re cracked”.

CRACKED – Newfoundland saying meaning “don’t be so silly”, “you’re out of your mind”, “who raised you to be this way” or “sorry I dropped you on your head when you were a wee babe.”

The thing is…growing up, I didn’t really think much about my period other than knowing that the few days before it arrived, I was cranky as all get-out! AND, that basically, periods were the curse of womanhood that we simply had to put up with.

I mean…Mom TRIED to explain things a little better than most of the moms out there as she was a nurse after all…but my embarrassment about my body and the fact that SHE DREW A PICTURE OF MY UTERUS WHILE WE WERE CAMPING AT SHERWOOD FOREST CAMPGROUND had me running for the hills or rather, running through the forest ala Maid Marian and her band of outlaws!

{ Side Note } I really wish I had that uterus drawing so I could frame it and put it on my wall!

Currently, I’m deep into peri-menopause and I have to say, I think of my period and hormones far more often than I used to but still, not as much as I should have as it turns out…you can learn a lot from your cycle AND use it in ways that allow you to be a more productive member of society OR…to cut yourself a little slack and curl up in front of a Hallmark Movie with some chocolate, a hot water bottle, and a cup of tea when required…GUILT FREE!

I’ve been chit-chatting about my #WellnessJourney over the last few months and one of the talented doctors I’ve been working with at Cornerstone Naturopathic, is Dr. Ashley Margeson. Not only is she a breath of fresh air and a simple delight to be around, Ashley is BRILLIANT when it comes to women’s bodies and their HORMONES!

AND…SHE HAS A BRAND NEW PODCAST called The Superwoman Code.

I’m past my prime for needing to know some of the things that I would have benefited from knowing now that my cycle has hit the dust…BUT, if you’re somewhere between the ages of “Are you There God it’s me, Margaret” and “Hot Flashes are Going to be the Death of Me”…then you really should have a listen to the amazing things Dr. Ashley is sharing on her podcast….so you can make your body work FOR you, rather than AGAINST you.

The Superwoman Code:

Seriously, check out Dr. Ashley’s podcast on Spotify or iTunes and MAKE SURE TO GIVE HER A 5 STAR RATING. Menopause or not, I’m learning a TON of things just from the first few episodes and the guests she’s lined up are simply fabulous!

We truly all need to support one another and SHARE OUR STORIES…so we can learn from each other in order to feel a little less alone.

To the Superwomen in my life:

My amazing daughters…I WAS WRONG! Thank you for showing me that Period Apps are FANTASTIC! I wish I had something like that when I was younger. (Currently looking up Menopause Apps!)

Mom…thanks for being a wonderful nurse and my favourite artist!

To my Perimenopausal friends…thanks for being on this journey with me. I mean, seriously, who knew getting rid of “the curse” was going to be a far worse curse in the end!

Dr. Ashley…thanks for making a difference in my life and in the lives of women EVERYWHERE! You truly have a gift for sharing information and educating women on how to better take care of themselves.

To everyone out there…GO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST! There’s so much to learn about our bodies and the hormones that both make us tick…and tick us off!

Disclosure: My health and wellness journey is sponsored by the amazing folks at Cornerstone Naturopathic. The entire team at the clinic is working with me to get my life back on track! We’ve approached everything from a health perspective…with the weight loss being a massive bonus. I feel good. Better than I have felt in years. Cornerstone is truly in my corner…they want me to succeed and are giving me the tools I need to get there. The Doctors and staff have been a wealth of knowledge and even greater cheerleaders through this journey. My success…is their success as well. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change…check them out. While I’m partnering with them on the blog…all opinions are my own.

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