People like you…

About this post: These past two weeks have felt incredibly HEAVY in Nova Scotia. While we’re beginning to come out of the fog, singer/songwriter Johnny Reid graced us with his beautiful song, “People Like You.” It’s a tribute to the 22 people who died…and all of us who are mourning the loss.


I’m still having a hard time coming to grips with everything that happened in Nova Scotia on this day, two weeks ago. The words, “mass murder”, being so repulsive and foreign to all of us…that you hear people using the term “the tragedy” or “the event”…while having a tough time forcing the words “mass murder” from their breath.

For the first few days, I couldn’t seem to get enough news…reading every article and post on social media…desperately trying to make sense of what happened. I cried repeatedly as the numbers grew and the full realization of all of it was hitting me like a ton of bricks. My feeling of safety and comfort…in this beautiful province our ours…was so severely and disgustingly attacked by a madman…who looked like any man I’d choose to chat with on a dating app.

As we entered week two, I began to shy away from the news as it was just too much to bear and the reality of it all was, I couldn’t get the answers I was seeking…because no amount of information would ever be able to make sense of what just happened…and the details coming out were overwhelming.

I continue to think of the 22 people who lost their lives…to pray for their loved ones and friends who are reeling. I cannot fathom their pain.

With the added complications of Covid-19, we weren’t able to gather and grieve the way other places have done after a mass-murder…making this, truly, a one-of-a-kind event leaving us grasping at straws to find ways to show the community that we care. We donned our trees with tartan ribbon, stood in our yards with candles lit, offered a moment of silence while wearing red clothing, and attended the on-line vigil…all of which helped a wee amount…but nowhere near what we’d have done under different circumstances.

It’s two weeks today and as the majority of us have moved forward with our daily covid-restricted lives, I can only imagine that the loved ones of those who were taken so horrifically, are stuck wondering what we’re all doing? How we could possibly move forward when they’re still in so much pain with very few answers.

The mere thought of it, makes me weep again.

We keep hearing that Nova Scotians are resilient, we’re strong, we’re tough…and yup…we are. But that doesn’t stop the heart from breaking and at this very moment, each one of us is feeling the vulnerability from loss…our safety, security, sense of comfort…has been shattered.

Johnny Reid, famed country music singer with ties to Nova Scotia, released a new song, “People Like You”, with proceeds going to The Canadian Red Cross Stronger Together Nova Scotia Fund. Throughout the video, are photos that people sent in…to show their love and respect to those who were murdered.

The song talks about good Nova Scotian folk…people who give more then they take, fix more than they break, who take the time to help a stranger. People who stand up for others, give voice to those who can’t speak, who shine their light on those who have lost their way. Those who wear their heart on their sleeve, who try to be the change they want others to see.

People like you…those who lost their lives, and those who grieve the loss.

The absolute only way to combat all of the hate that attacked us two weeks ago…to feel safe again…is to continue to be the amazing people that Nova Scotians are known to be.

People who lift one another up. Those who are there for one another. People who show kindness and love when times are tough.

People like you.


A huge thanks to Johnny Reid for putting into words what so many of us have struggled to do. To download Johnny Reid’s song, visit his website. Along with the single, there is merchandise available with proceeds also going to the families, it’s quite beautiful…check it out.

Many folks who have jumped in to help. Visit the East Coast Lifestyle Page where ALL proceeds from their EAST COAST STRONG shirts will be donated to the families affected by the tragedy.

As well, visit My Home Apparel. They made a substantial donation to the family fund and their “Stay the Blazes Home” collection was created to help organizations during Covid-19. I’ll be picking up some NS Plaid…to show pride for this amazing province we live in.

If you know of another organization helping out, with donations going to the families, be sure to add their information in the comments.

3 Replies to “People like you…”

  1. Through Countryfied Clothing, I have started a Nova Scotia Strong t-shirt and hoodie fundraiser with all profits going to the Stronger Together Nova Scotia Fund. In the first week, it raised $30,000. I have now set a goal to raise $100,000. Thank you for any support you can offer! The website is

    • WOW!!!! That’s fantastic. I’m going to check them out now! Congratulations and THANK YOU!

  2. Thank you Colleen. I lost a dear friend and had connections to 3 other victims. It’s been super hard and I felt this overwhelming need to help in some small way. ❤️