I got nothing…

Bored Cat

It’s the middle of April and this is my first blog post OF THE YEAR!!! 

My goodness the world is upside down isn’t it? 

I’ve been trying to figure out why I haven’t been writing and I think it comes down to the simple fact that I have NOTHING TO SAY! 

Even this post…it’s really about NOTHING!

I have been doing a little “microblogging” on my Instagram…i.e., expanding on my posts a little to tell a bit of a story…but even that is sporadic at best.

Here’s what it comes down to…I don’t have much on the go…so not much to talk about. My life is a little boring…hence, my lifestyle blog is even more boring! 

I DID paint a fireplace that I should post about, and I got a cat almost a year ago that I could write about, plus I’m sure there are some business things I could discuss…but that might be about it! 

Is it just me?

Every few days I get on the phone with my kids and we fill each other in on our week and what we’ve been up to…have a wee discussion…and then it’s “I’ve got nothing else, do you?” And when they don’t…we say a few “I love you’s” and carry on doing not a whole lot of anything until the next check-in. 

It’s weird to not have any plans in the books as far as adventures or travel, to not be going to events with friends like concerts and festivals…to be doing things in smaller groups where even when you do a little something, you don’t really want to broadcast the photos for fear of making someone feel bad because your small group didn’t include them. So, no photos…and not a whole lot of mention when something DOES happen…which is rare. Or, it’s not, and I’m the one they’re keeping the photos and information from! 

SHIT…are you guys all doing stuff and I’m just not one of your TEN favourite people? 

I’ve been visiting my parents. Popping in for meals and a few games of Yahtzee. And, while that’s about as entertaining as my week gets, I’m super blessed to have the opportunity to spend so much time with Mom and Dad through all of this pandemic crap.

So there’s that. 

Anyway…if you’ve been missing me. I’m here. On my couch. Working. With my cat. Ordering take-out from time to time. 

But, that’s about it.

I got nothing else, do you?