Book Review

Is there a particular place you like to read? A page you found that strikes you? A typo you’d like to point out? Send me your photos and I’ll add them to the page! And, if you’d like to write a review, write it in the comments below!

Posted by my wonderful friend Tammy, “An early Christmas present for me!”
Posted by my cousin Johanna. “Look at what I got in the mail today!!! Can’t wait to start reading my cousins book. So proud and happy for you Colleen!!!  Looks fantastic.””
Books displayed at Mills.
Posted by Bones’ riding coach, Hannah. “I may have teared up when I found this…I have the best job in the world. Thanks Colleen!”
Posted by a “hockey dad” and friend, Chris. “Best coffee table book ever! Congratulations again Colleen.”
Posted by my cousin Debbie. “Got my cousins book today!! So proud of you Colleen, love your blog, your book and of course you, xoxo”
Kyla Cornish from “Mommy’s Weird” blog…who I DID NOT have kicked out of a blogging contest. Or did I?

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