All Lovin’ No Oven…

I eat cookie dough and cake batter! Fact is, sometimes I make my chocolate chip cookies just to eat the dough.

My boy and I headed to the Chicken Burger for lunch and for some reason thought we should finish off our meal with an ice cream. There’s something about sitting in an old fashion
ed diner with the juke box playing “Johnny Be Good” that makes you want to have a milkshake… or a malt. Though I’ve never tried a malt.

Chicken Little (the ice cream shop out back) isn’t open until the summer so we left without any ice cream. However, since we’d talked about it… it was already in our heads… and you know what happens when something gets in your head! Ever since yesterday I’ve wanted to eat ice cream right out of the container… sometimes I do that when I’m in a bit of a mood. Me and the girls have more than once shared a pint of Hagen Daz right out of the container when something hurts… I guess it’s a girl thing.

We finish our meal and head for the car which is when I remember that there is a new ice cream shop attached to the Bedford Tim Horton’s. If I remember correctly, Ron Joyce made a deal to put a few Tim Horton’s in the States in exchange for putting a few Cold Stone Creamery’s in his coffee shops. I’d heard it was good… so thought we’d give it a try.

I explained the whole thing to my boy… but he just got caught up on the “stoned” idea and started singing John Mayer’s “Who says I can’t get stoned. Turn off the lights and the telephone. Me in my house alone. Who says I can’t get stoned.” I’m not sure why I didn’t take the opportunity to discuss how wrong it was to do drugs and stay eating ice cream as long as he can, but instead… I sang right along with him!

Anyway… we head into the shop and take a peek at the sign to see what we’d like to order. Me… I ordered “All Lovin‘ No Oven” which is an interesting name but I’m not getting into that right now! They fire a slab of vanilla ice cream on this cold stone, add whipped cream to the top, then fudge syrup on top of that, and then a HUGE hunk of cookie dough (can’t resist the cookie dough). They smash it back and forth with these two paddle things and then gently place it in a waffle bowl. I was in AWE! My boy… he went for the “Chocolate Devotion” which was weird to me since I didn’t realize he was such a fan of chocolate… I’m forever learning new things about these people I once had in that worn out old oven of mine!

I asked the young girl making it what the most popular flavour was and she explained that you can make your own concoction out of all the candies and nuts and whatnot they had on the counter and apparently, most people choose to do it that way. As soon as my boy saw the gummy bears… I think he was a bit disappointed he didn’t design his own (I was thrilled he still loved those rubbery little critters!) I asked about this Tim’s/Creamery trade and where the Tim Horton’s locations were in the States but she wasn’t too sure… said she thought it began with a “P”… then my boy handed me his chocolate dipped sprinkled waffle cone so he could head to the washroom while I paid for the ice creams.

His response when he had his first mouthful… “Crap this is good”… couldn’t have said it better myself!

I enjoyed the ice cream adventure with my young fella. He’s growing up fast. Past the ice cream, cookies and mommy stage of his life and heading into the music, videos and girl stage… soon the door to his room will be shut tight and I’ll just an annoyance in his life for a while. It’s amazing how fast they grow… but I don’t know, I have a feeling it won’t be our last visit to the Tim’s/Creamery to enjoy some vanilla ice cream with gummy bears, marshmallows, brownie, chocolate slivers, coconut, whipped cream and fudge sauce which is what he would have made if he realized he could have picked his own flavour. And frankly, I’m rather thankful we’ll go back… thanks Mr. Joyce for that.

As for me… I’m more interested in trying the Midnight Delight one of these days. “Who says I can’t be free from all of the things that I used to be. Rewrite my history. Who says I can’t be free.” And who knows, maybe I’ll even let you have a spoon!

2 Replies to “All Lovin’ No Oven…”

  1. Yummm. We have a Marble Slab creamery here… same idea.. absolutely decadent! Loving your writing xoxo Jill xoxo