Walk a mile in my shoes…

I have three pairs of shoes. And for all you “shoe ho’s” out there… I think I just heard your collective gasp!! Funny thing is, years back, I used to be the Assistant Manager of a shoe store and I had shoes for every outfit and every occasion… but now… three pairs.

Here’s how it works. From about October to March I wear my Blundstone boots. Nothing feels better than when I slip those old bad boys on. They trudge through ice and snow, they’re perfect paddock boots for the barn and keep me warm in the cold cold hockey rinks deep into the winter months.

For the rest of the time it’s flip flop time… but not just any flip flops… “Fit Flops”. Oprah told me about them… then I found them at my girlfriends spa and thought I’d give them a try. Oh Good Lord Oprah was RIGHT!!! They are AMAZING and I’m pretty sure there’s no need to go to the gym as long as I’m wearing these things… it’s a workout while you walk!! I swear I walked all over New York in these things and not once were my feet tired or sore. They’re like a bit of heaven… walking on a cloud… stepping through the daisies… you get the picture!

Oh… my third pair. Well… there’s the “downtown boots”. You know the ones… they go by a variety of names but needless to say they’re black and tight and high and make me look like I lost 15 pounds the second I put them on… I’ll be wearing them tonight in fact (I’ll tell you how they worked tomorrow!) They’re a little uncomfortable but I usually sit down most of the night when I’m in a pub anyway, unless I’m wearing “stand up” pants… in which case there’s no choice but to stand up and cosy up to the bar. What sucks is when you’re wearing your “stand up pants” with your “sit down shoes”… that’s just poor planning and makes for a pretty miserable evening.

As soon as my “downtown boots” come off… they get put away… never to be left in the front hall or I’ll be faced with my 11 year old son tromping around in them in the morning. Boots clomping on the tile floor Saturday morning while he’s making breakfast and my head is pounding. Not sure why I always have a headache the night after I wear those boots… must be something in the pleather!

The Fit Flops came out last week. In fact… I wore them for the first time on Good Friday at our neighbourhood Easter Egg hunt and my girlfriend told me “I was her hero” for being the first person she saw this season in flip flops! It was a pretty proud moment for me! For the next few weeks I’ll be in transition between the Flops and the Blundstones… each one fighting for my attention… and me not really caring which I wear they’re both so damn amazing.

So… with the Fit Flops out of the closet and on my feet, comes the pedicure… one thing I will admit… the Blundstones do a number on the toes! That’s where I was today. My friend, Lisa Belanger, she owns Mudwraps to Manicures on the Bedford Highway and when my feet or brows need a little work… that’s where I head. First of all her spa is always pleasant with fantastic women who work there… second of all… Lisa just makes me laugh so much it’s always a thrill to spend an hour of my day with her. They do a lot more than just feet and brows… they wax all kinds of stuff and will rub you down like nobody’s business! AND THEY SELL FIT FLOPS!! Other shoes and boots too… and accessories… purses, earrings, necklaces, wallets, sunglasses, Young Blood makeup and much much more! Then there’s these glove things I saw today. They’re for hand drying and manipulating your curly hair (though mine is straight) and claim to absorb moisture quickly, speed up drying time and eliminate frizz! They look like a cross between the Cookie Monster and a ShamWow… someone with curls go out and give it a try and let me know what happens! If their claim rings true anything like Fit Flops’ claim… they’re AMAZING and it won’t be long til Oprah is singing their praises!!

I enjoy the spa… it’s fun to just go in and browse around, see what’s new. I’m taking my oldest there on Monday night… it’s a pre Prom Party for those kids graduating this year… a chance to get clutch purses and earrings for the big night… oh and what a big night it’s gonna be! Another proud moment for this momma… maybe I’ll dress up… maybe I’ll even have to get a new pair of shoes.

Walk a mile in my shoes my friends… all three pairs!

2 Replies to “Walk a mile in my shoes…”

  1. Absolutely love your blog. I'm heading to Halifax this weekend, and I'm calling now to make an appointment for a pedi at Mudwraps and Manicures! I'll be sure to ask for Lisa!
    Thanks, and keep the great posts coming!

  2. Just saw your comment… hope you managed to get to Mudwraps. Glad you're reading!