Get a little dirty…

I’d just finished washing the floors the other day when my boy came in to get his rubber boots and work gloves. He was all excited… helping a neighbour move some rocks for a path they were building or something. I heard him call out as he was heading out the door “Ummmm, Mom… I got the mat a bit dirty… I’m going to Bob’s”. “You mean Mr. Bobs” I yelled back at him. (Trying to teach the kids a bit of respect and all.)

I went into the hall. BIT OF DIRT! That’s the understatement of the year! He’d downright hauled the whole pig’s pen in with him! I took the mat out onto the front deck to shake it out but there was no shaking the thing out. Caked in mud! Two seconds in the house and he’d made it a wreck! I’d planned on giving him a piece of my mind… but… well… it’s a mat… he stood on it… and it got dirty! So I fired it in the washer.


Ever have something you thought was so amazing you didn’t want anyone else to touch? (I’m not talking about husbands here.) I remember my friend’s mom’s front hall mat from years ago! It was round and one of those beautiful wool thick plush rugs with a gorgeous floral pattern in the center. She’d paid an outright fortune for the thing. They had a big front entrance and it fit just lovely underneath the chandelier. Problem was, you weren’t allowed to step on it! You’d walk into the house and gingerly try to walk around the front mat while trying to close the door and not trip at the same time! It was a shit show every time I went to the house… “DON’T STEP ON MY MAT!!!” you’d hear from the back room. Are you kidding me?


One of the things I’ve learned this year is you have to celebrate things. So… if your boy for example decided to fill a water balloon in the kitchen sink and it bursts all over the kitchen window spraying water everywhere…. laugh a little. He didn’t do it on purpose!
Celebrate the little things. Celebrate the big things… just… celebrate.


Which brings me to birthdays. I’m all about the attention so I’m all too happy to throw myself a celebration every year. Always have. I like presents too. Lets be real. I LOVE a good present. Buying them too. Picking out the perfect something for the perfect someone. Today… that’s just what I did. I got the perfect something for the perfect someone that deserves to be celebrated! Happy 40th my wonderful, beautiful, fabulous friend. It’s gonna be a good year.


And to my Mom and Dad… Happy Anniversary. For showing us 44 years of love and devotion to one another. For having something so amazing that none of us can even come close to touching… but I’m still holding out a bit of hope! You guys are amazing!


Celebrate! Have a little fun! Throw a water balloon at the kitchen window. Get a little dirty. Wear rubber boots. Step on the mat. Seriously… step on the mat.
(By the way… I saw some amazing mats at Bellissimo while I was out shopping today! Ohhh…. and my birthday is coming up soon!!!)

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  1. You know, you're going to get, like, twenty friggen mats for your birthday right?