Tea Time…

Once a week the “ladies” in the neighbourhood get together for afternoon “tea”. Its been going on for a few months now and it’s interesting every week.

I still feel pretty awful so I’m bailing on this weeks tea… which disappoints me. At the moment I could really use a cup of tea! (And by tea I really mean tea! I can’t seem to drag my butt off the couch to get one for myself.)
So far our afternoon get-togethers have been pretty enjoyable. The conversation is interesting, loud, funny, vulgar… which leads me to only one conclusion… we ain’t no ladies!!! We need a new name.
We’re rotating houses. Figuring out who serves the best food and who brings out the liquor. Three weeks ago it was at my house and it was a beautiful day. Seven hours later I was kicking people off my front porch… I think it was the Baileys… possibly the wine.
It’s always interesting to put a group of women together and see what happens. It starts when we’re young. We all start feeling each other out… “what do you think of Annie”… “do you like Mary”… “isn’t Shelly mean?”… and so begins all the conversations and the drama. You realize quite quickly as a young girl who’s going to keep your secrets and who you want to align yourself with. It took me a little longer to figure these things out! But finally… I think I’ve figured it out.
 The ladies I have tea with… I like them. Each for different reasons. I’ve taken to surrounding myself with people who are a positive influence in my life. Friendship shouldn’t be hard. You should be able to pick things up where you left off… even if you haven’t see each other in months. It should be easy, relaxing, enjoyable… and you should be able to phone your girlfriends and ask for a favor with a moments notice… because you’d do the same for them if they called you!
Tonight is Martini and Movie night! I’m gonna have to bail on that one too. This cold is ticking me off! If anyone reads this before you head to tea… run me over a mug! (And I wouldn’t mind someone dropping by later with a Martini!)