Clownin’ around…

Never before have I noticed rings on men… but suddenly I’m looking. In fact, it’s now the first thing I notice! Call me crazy but it’s how I met the most interesting man last night.

I was at Winston‘s for a friends 50th. (Not a really good friend cause he’s a lot older than me!) Great fun… great people. They’d reserved the front room for the party and it was just perfect! I’m chit chatting with a few girlfriends when I notice this guy’s ring. Large… gold… a pattern on the front of curly swirls… a ruby… it was stunning! So… I asked if it was a “Pope’s ring”.
See, my oldest did a little research about going to StFX and did you know the X ring is the second most recognizable ring in the world, next to the Popes ring? I’m seeing X rings everywhere now but to be honest, I have no idea what the Pope’s ring looks like so thought maybe this was it. But no. This my friends was the RONALD MCDONALD ring! I was chatting to a man who’d been Ronald McDonald for ten years and has the most wonderful ring to prove it! It’s gorgeous. But the best part of it all I MET RONALD MCDONALD LAST NIGHT!
Seems it was the best gig of his life. Here’s a man who has this fantastic career managing the installation of draft taps in all the pubs… which to me sounds absolutely fascinating (and I may have possibly convinced him to install a beer tap in my kitchen) but his favorite gig was ten years of entertaining kids… having his big red shoes jumped on… an hour and a half of makeup for every event… magic tricks… laughter… free smiles.
How amazing is it to have a lifetime of heartwarming stories to share with your wife and children?! I asked him what his three favourite moments were. He told me about a show with the Snowbirds that sounded pretty amazing… he’d been helicoptered into the event and it was a pretty exciting moment for him. But then he told me about visiting the hospitals for sick children and how there was this one boy… and… well… we never got to talking about his third favourite moment.
Ronald McDonald… Ronald McDonald House… that’s just awesome stuff.
There’s a group advocating for the retirement of Ronald McDonald at the moment. Says he represents unhealthy eating and obesity in children. Does he? Or does he represent fun and laughter when children are suffering with serious illnesses and disabilities. A place for families to go in crisis to get the much needed support and encouragement. Really… he’s a pretty neat guy. I know… I met him last night.
If you do what’s right… follow the right path… be a good person… you’ll have a parade behind you my friends. And if you’re a clown… you’ll have em’ laughing along with you and enjoying the ride. There’s nothing better than having a little fun… making people laugh… acting like a clown. That’s a good gig!
As for me… I’m keeping up my ring search. Eventually I’ll find what I’m lookin’ for!