I’ve got an idea…

I’ve ceiling lights blown out in just about every room in my house! Not quite sure how it could all happen at the same time but I’ll need to drag the ladder upstairs and unscrew all those “boob” lights to change all the light bulbs. You know the lights I’m talking about right? I’m not sure when they became the standard light fixture in houses but I’m not all that fond of them. I much preferred the old glass square fixtures from years gone by.


It’s like a surprise EVERY time I enter my bedroom. For some strange reason I flick on the light switch but low and behold…. SURPRISE… the lights blown out! It’s been gone for over a month now but I keep flicking on the switch and hoping for the best.


I’m not a fan of those new light bulbs. They pause before they come on… making me wonder if I turned the lamp switch the right way… so I turn it the other way but realize I’m turning off the bulb just as it’s turning on and it always ticks me off a little. I know they’re supposed to be good on the environment and all but I hate the color they produce and they’re just so “spirally”! Plus they look stupid in an outside light fixture. The other day I had to replace my front porch light but all I could find was a red bulb left over from Christmas… and being single and all… didn’t figure that would be too appropriate (even though Roxanne is by far the best song of all time!) I took one out of the lamp upstairs in my room forgetting about the ceiling light being blown and lets just say I was in the dark for a few days (ok… I’ve been in the dark for a few years but we don’t need to go there!)


I checked out Environment Canada’s website which states that an average home has about 30 light bulbs and uses about $200 per year in electricity. I have 45 (nothing average about me) and apparently if I switch to Compact Fluorescent Lamps I’ll save 75% in energy costs.


The furnace man is coming tomorrow for the annual cleaning of the furnace. I’m hoping he won’t take too long as I have to get to the school for the “Electrical Festival”… seems I’m not the only one learning about electricity lately. On top of everything else I have to do around here I have to clean the furnace room! Who cleans a furnace room? Fact is it’s our “hockey room”. We store all the gear in there so it dries out between wearings and I haven’t looked lately… but something tells me it’s probably thrown all over the place. I also have summer tires stored in there… and well… since it snowed today I really don’t see the point of dragging them out yet. And… you guessed it… the ceiling bulb is burned out!


Not sure why all the lights burned out at the same time? A few years ago I complained to an electrician that the bulbs in the basement ceilings were ALWAYS burning out. He explained that it was due to us walking on the main floor… and the vibration on the floor would blow the bulbs on the ceilings below! Made perfect sense to me at the time… but I sure wish I could figure out who the heck’s been walking on my roof cause every light upstairs is gone!


Anyway… thought for a while tonight about an idea for the blog and couldn’t come up with a thing but a light bulb kept flashing in my head which simply reminded me that all the bulbs are blown out. So… instead of writing… I’ve got a few lights to change! Then again… maybe I’ll just wait. If I’m gonna bother to change all the bulbs maybe I should head and buy some CFL’s and do it the right way.


How many women does it take to screw in a light bulb anyway? I’ve a feeling I’ll come up with a brighter idea for tomorrow.