Hope shines…

I had just recently moved to Halifax from St. John’s, Newfoundland when Terry Fox began his journey. Dipping his artificial leg in in the Atlantic Ocean he began his quest to run across Canada. I was twelve. I can remember thinking how long the run would be. I’d driven across the island to get to the “mainland” many times and knew that in the same amount of time it takes to leave St. John’s and arrive in Port Aux Basques, a person could leave Halifax and arrive in Montreal! Newfoundland is HUGE… Terry’s journey was a long road… and while it ended in Ontario… his legacy has continued. It’s thirty years this month since he first began his journey.

I hung out with my girlfriend and her one year old daughter Hope today. Hope is a bit of a miracle… her Dad is a two time cancer survivor and her mom is a crack whor… ummmm… wait a minute…. she’s an actor who is playing the part of a woman addicted to crack in the feature film “Hobo and a Shotgun”. She’s actually quite wonderful!


Anyway… Hope is a doll. One by one she removed green grapes from the bowl on the table… squishing each one flat before she’d place it in her mouth. Grape juice squirting across the table and all over her lovely mom. I thought I’d try it. Grape juice hit my chest with force and there’s still a bit of residual stickiness this evening… but there’s something pretty neat about “exploding your food” before you eat it! Probably won’t be my last attempt!


We’re all touched by people who have battled, survived and lost their lives from various cancers. I don’t think there’s a single person reading this who doesn’t know someone who is taking the journey… such a long road. It’s cancer awareness month. My daffodils are on the kitchen table. I purchase a bunch for each loved one that I’ve lost… I have far too many daffodils on my kitchen table.


There are so many fundraisers. So many types of cancer. So many reasons to give. Each requiring our attention. Titz and Glitz , Run for the Cure , Bust a Move, Relay for Life , Nuts4Ribs and Livestrong to name just a few. They’re constantly coming up with new and inventive ways to remind everyone that we’re fighting a hard fight and every penny counts.


Today I saw a bracelet that was simply beautiful. Made up of twenty Swarovski crystals, each representing a different type of cancer… pink for breast, clear for lung, blue for prostate. The proceeds from the sale of the bracelets go to the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation in Newfoundland. I’ve a few relatives who’ve battled cancer in Newfoundland… Terry took his first dip there… and ironically… the bracelet is called “Sparkles of Hope”.


We’re all blessed. We’re full of Hope. I’m full of grape juice. Throw a little prayer up to the heavens and remember it’s cancer awareness month… we’ve friends and family out there who could use a bit of help!


“Hobo and a Shotgun” is currently filming in Halifax. They’ll be exploding more than food.