Three cubs… one mama…

Some days are just so damn long. I’m not sleeping well… got a lot on my mind. So… by the time I roll out of bed in the morning I’m usually already behind the eight ball. My youngest has crawled into bed with me the last few nights… claims she’s had a nightmare or two but I think she likes the midnight cuddle!


This morning I read an email wrong and thought I had to be somewhere at ten. With so much to do before that could even happen… I panicked. By the time I clued in that I had the date wrong… I had such a fire lit under my ass that I’d done a days work in two hours! Too bad it wasn’t my housework! Wish I could light a fire under my vaccuum!


I’m tired. It seems the last few days I’ve had so much on the go… and yet… it feels like there’s so much left to do.


From science fairs, hockey games, homework, riding, parent teacher meetings, music festival, and a multicultural potluck…. then throw in laundry, meals, cleaning and groceries and my spring has sprung! The last few days have been a blur of activity with the two younger ones… and my oldest… well she’s got stuff on the go too… I’m just not sure what it is at the moment! Forgive me! I can only handle so much at once!


I’m running into a ton of people who are encouraging me… inspiring me… asking for more. I’m getting emails and phone calls from friends… people coming up to me when they see me… telling me they’re enjoying the read! People I didn’t even know were reading. I feel like I’m finally doing something for myself. Changing my identity… finding who I am again. “Do what you love to do and everything else will fall into place”. There’s just so damn much at the moment that needs to fall into place.


Ran into my friend Karla tonight… someone I grew up with and knows me quite well… said she’d been reading the blog for a few days before she realized the “Queen” was me. Said some nice things… made me feel special. Painted a smile on my face… not too bad for a face painter!


Got a note back from Barb Stegemann… she’s heading out in a few weeks to tape the show Dragon’s Den. Still so much more to her story and can’t wait to share it with you! Ronald McDonald emailed to thank me for reminding him of his past life. We should all be reminded of our past lives so we remember where we came from and realize where we’re going. The Chicken Burger… next time I’m in my meal is on them! I kinda got a hankering for a Chicken Burger… maybe I’ll drop in after my meeting tomorrow. And my friend Lisa at Mudwraps… she’s telling everyone she knows about me! Turns out she’s my biggest fan (well… next to my mom and dad!)


I’m getting out there… meeting new people… having fun… trying to make a life beyond my amazing, wonderful, delightful little beasts. They’re all living such wonderful lives… finding out who they are… discovering their passions… their strengths and desires. It won’t be long now before they don’t need their mom the way they used to.


I needed to have something more than being someone’s wife.
I need to have something more than being someone’s mom.


The thing is… being a mom is the most rewarding thing in my entire world. My oldest confirmed her acceptance to St.FX this week… one more step towards her independance. My boy had a fabulous report from school… growing in leaps and bounds and wiser than most kids I know. My youngest jumped again tonight… the smile on her face could light up the entire arena and I was just so damn proud of her and that pony she rode. I’m hoping she’ll crawl in bed for another cuddle again tonight. I’m hoping they all will.


I’m hitting the sack. Throwing in the towel. Calling it a night… tomorrow my friends is another day and this mama’s got some sleeping to do.