Happy Belated 30th Birthday! I can’t believe I missed it… such a big occasion. So Sorry!!!! It’s not like me to miss anything but on the odd occasion things start to get away from me.


Ever have so much to do that you can only think a half a day at a time? April and May are always like that I guess… then June! Winter hockey ended a few weeks ago which was perfect timing for Spring hockey to begin. Both girls are in musicals with their schools. Exams, prom, graduation… it’s just crazy busy at the moment! Throw in that I spent the day in bed yesterday with the stomach flu and my entire week is shot!

I live in my calendar. I’ve come to realize that if something doesn’t get posted on the calendar… then it just doesn’t happen. It’s totally off the radar if it’s not written on that thing! And Post-It notes… those crazy little bits of paper born from a “glue mistake.” An adhesive that can be positioned and repositioned over and over. What would I do without them? I use them on all of my paperwork… bills… other stuff. Notes you can leave anywhere… on mirrors, computers, the dashboard of my car… they’ve changed the way people work! And if you follow Grey’s Anatomy… they can even replace a marriage certificate! They’ve evolved over the years… going from a yellow square to various shapes, colors and styles… even Post-it flags! Unfortunately… I ran out of them a few weeks ago and all hell has broken loose! Hence… I forgot your birthday.


Dad made me a “communication center” a few years back. It’s a bulletin board and is perfectly positioned as you enter my kitchen. It houses all of the mail, the calendar, receipts and current information from the school. Pictures people send me of their children. Thank you cards. Keepsakes. It gets cleared regularly but just as quickly gets filled back up again. The children’s heights are all posted down the side, transferred from our old house on tissue paper. It’s a work of art… that can also hold my children’s works of art!


The building of it was an event in itself. Dad and my brother worked to get the dimensions just right and during the installation we’d been very careful to make sure everything fit in place just as it should. However… it proved to be a bit difficult when my brother drilled through a pipe… and well… lets just say there’s still a small water stain in the ceiling of the basement.


I live by that communication center. I live in my calendar. I try not to miss a thing but sometimes things get a little hectic.

Happy Belated 30th Birthday to 3M’s Post-It Notes! Had I written it on the calendar for yesterday, or not run out of you a few weeks ago… I would have remembered! Thanks so much for all the fun you’ve brought to my life… and for making things a little bit easier!

Post-it marriage… brilliant! Wish I’d thought of it myself.