Time for Lime…

I bought a new coffee table this week. My old one left last summer. An antique trunk that was the most remarkable conversation piece… supposedly owned by a monk. Rescued from a backyard and brought back to life with sandpaper and teak oil.

It had wax marks on the front from being sealed so many years before… a crack through the top that collected crumbs and dirt that once in awhile I took the time to dig out… a crest carved in the side and ropes for handles… chewed repeatedly by my old bulldog. I swore it contained a hidden compartment with a priceless piece of art… but I spent a great amount of time taking it apart one day and didn’t find a thing! My youngest fell into it when she was three causing a concussion… a night I will never forget. It had history… memories… card games… late night dinners. I hated to see it go.

Nothing thrills me more than decorating. Home Sense is my “happy place”. When things get stupid in my life I head there and browse the aisles. The girls at the counter are starting to know me by name! It’s a great place to find bargains… but I’ve a ton of decorating shops I love to peruse through when I have the time. I find the most remarkable things. I look, dream and think of what I’d buy if money wasn’t an option.

A number of years ago I made a list of all of the things I wanted. I named it “Queen’s HUGE Wishlist” and it contained everything from painting the front door cherry red, a piece of art over the couch, a wooden screen door, wainscot ting in the hallway and much much more. I rolled up the list and placed it in a box on the mantle. I’d take it out every now and then and add to it… sometimes I’d even cross something out that I may have purchased or received as a gift. I was horrified the day my eldest pulled out the list in front of company! Then again… Dad always told me to write down my goals!

My list has gotten a lot smaller than it used to be… and not because I’ve purchased and done everything that was on it! I’ve realized that I don’t need a single “thing” in my life. I’m surrounded by so much already… much more than so many people. Much more than I ever knew.

I like to decorate… I like to dream… I like to paint and paper and move furniture around to make things just so… glance through decorating magazines… discover new and wonderful shops… change things up… change is good.

I bought a coffee table this week. Lime Green. New. Different. Solid. The first thing I’ve replaced.

Change is good.

Take a peek at some of my favorite furniture… designed and built by Arnt Antzen… my brother’s best buddy in BC. Nothing that would ever suit my decor at this moment… but oh so amazing to look at!!!

Oh… and if it’s “Time for Lime” at your house (speaking lawn maintenance of course) call my other brother at Planet Keepers @ 499-7548. He limed my lawn last week and will be aerating through Halifax neighbourhoods the weekend of May 8th.

My brothers… two things I’d never change (well…. maybe just a little!!)