Floggin’ my bloggin’…..

Two emails and a phone call this morning asking me where the “morning” blog is! Seems a lot of you have added it to your morning routine! WOW… and THANKS… I feel incredibly thankful and happy and pleased and thrilled and encouraged that you’re all reading but HOLD YOUR HORSES! (Insert smiley face here!!!)


My house is a wreck. I guess a woman isn’t meant to be able to do everything! My kids haven’t been fed a decent meal in days… unless you consider take-out decent… which I guess some people do! My stomach has been so thrown off that the smell of food cooking sends me into a panic… I’d swear if I didn’t know any better I’d think I was pregnant… but believe me I know better!!!! I have to get to the grocery store but thank goodness for healthy snacks and amazing kids who have taken care of this sick momma for the last couple of days (but they could have seriously done a better job cleaning up after themselves!!!)


Last night found me at my youngest daughter’s school play. I’m incredibly thankful that it was so popular it was held over for another night… I was too sick to go to the first two… and really would have missed something “not to be missed”! My daughter was THRILLED to have an extra night to perform with the choir… three nights bonding with friends and having a ball! Such a great experience. Honestly, I don’t know that I’ve laughed that hard in a long time. There was dancing and singing and phenomenal lines that I’ll be using for years to come… think I’ll call the school and see if I can get myself a script! Maybe it was the fact that it was my first time out of the house in three days… maybe it was that my daughter was so thrilled to be part of it… but bottom line is it was fantastic! The kids did an absolutely amazing job and should be so proud of themselves. That kind of stuff just makes me all warm and fuzzy!


So… a night to myself last night. A visit with my favorite neighbour (who only likes the posts where she’s mentioned so here you go!) A few laughs and stories with my children. Cleaning of my youngests bedroom which has created a pile of laundry for today. Grey’s. Private Practice. A night to myself… with my kids… and then relaxing. Now I’m cleaning. My house is a wreck… I’m boiling everything I touched this week hoping my children don’t get sick and if they do… hoping it’s when they’re with me so this momma can take care of them the way they took care of me!


No blog today.


A few of you have asked how it all works so here’s the scoop. I usually start composing something during the day… and clean it up when the kids go to bed over a glass of wine. It takes me awhile to come up with an idea… unless something strikes me ironic during the day (or I’ve had more than one glass of wine)! I post it late at night so it’s there for you first thing in the morning. In all it takes on average 3 hours a day to put a post together… but I’m picky. And for those of you who send me a quick note letting me know of a spelling mistake or a missed word THANK YOU!!! When I’m done posting on blogspot, I put a link on the Facebook fan site. It makes it easier that way for you to get updates on your facebook newsfeeds since we’re all addicted to Facebook… plus… not everyone wants to set up an account on Blogspot. I sometimes put a link on my personal facebook page as well… for all of those friends and family members who haven’t joined the Curtains are Open fan site yet (just sayin’). As of yesterday, I’m now on twitter as well… a suggestion from a fan in the States… though I’ve no idea what I’m doing!! Then there’s all of you “closet readers” who are accessing the blog site and I have no idea who you are… but I can guess! There’s a program in the background that tells me all kinds of fascinating things!


I currently have over 220 fans on “Curtains are Open” on facebook and I personally know 85 of you. That to me is incredible! So many of you have forwarded the facebook and blog site on to your friends and family… I’m so thrilled that word is spreading. I’m meeting people all over the world… well… more like you’re meeting me! I’m getting about 130 hits a day at the moment on the site. Not bad for a blog that started two weeks ago! I’m really doing something I enjoy and I thank each and every one of you who have encouraged me along the way. You have no idea what it has meant to me.


So… I’m having a ball… doing what I love… however… today I’m cleaning… so there! Hopefully there will be a blog tomorrow. Email me or post a comment on Facebook if you’re alright with this and if you’re not… I have extra brooms and dust cloths. You’re welcome to drop over and help… and yes my sweet and wonderful neighbour (who wear’s Prada sunglasses, just turned forty, dresses to kill, makes me laugh on a daily basis and has been one of my biggest supporters) I’m talking about you!!!!