Permanent friendships….

Ever lose a few pounds and someone notices? “You look great! I notice it in your face!” Really? Really? ‘Cause I was hoping you’d notice it in my BUTT!

(I really wanted to say ASS there but my Mother hates when I curse!!)

I’ve got great hair. It’s one of the things people notice about me. Not “your eyes are beautiful… such a unique shade of green.” Or, “your arms are really defined do you lift weights?” Or, “nice legs!” Instead I get “you’ve got such nice hair!” Or, “your hair is always so shiny!” Or, “what shampoo do you use… your hair smells great!” Just once I’d like someone to notice something other than my hair! How about my BUTT!

I was fifteen when I convinced my mother to let my friend perm her hair. Remember the old Toni Perms? Those plastic clippy roller things that came in various sizes from tight curl to tighter curl to super tight curl! They stunk to high heavens and burned the eyes out of your head. Juicy, smelly, sticky stuff running down your neck… the cotton batting wrapped around the curlers just couldn’t absorb it all. There was an odd, thick, smoky haze around your head from the chemical reaction.

My mom went for it! My friend came to the house and was pretty excited that a parent was letting her perm their hair. She’d been trimming, styling, curling, coloring and perming friend’s heads for weeks. I never let her touch mine (seriously… I’ve got great hair) but Mom had mentioned she’d wanted a perm. All I have to say is “Ma, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??”

I don’t remember exactly what happened (it’s quite possible I was grounded). I can remember the curlers coming out of mom’s head. Tightest curls I’d ever seen! They were left in a little too long. Supposedly followed the instruction on the box but I’m not so sure. I remember my mother having to go the the hairdressers for a cut, some relaxant and expensive conditioner. Her hair was “burned.” As was her scalp. My poor mother! (I’m pretty sure she cursed!)

Mom had short hair for awhile after that. Short… frizzy… dry… hair.

I had coffee with an old friend today. She’s been in the corporate world forever and got caught up with some downsizing. I asked her what she wanted to do. Did she want to stay in the industry she’d always be in? Now might be the opportunity to chase her dreams. Her dream… to be a hairdresser… work from home… style people’s hair. I had one bit of advice for her… follow your dreams… and stay the heck away from those Toni perms!

She’s got great hair and a fantastic ASS!