Keep them safe…

There are days I want to hold my children closer…keep them safe…thank God for all he has given me and for all that we have. Days I’m so proud to be a Canadian. So thankful for the people who protect us. So thankful for their efforts to help those less fortunate than we are.

Priscilla Blake is about to face the greatest challenge of her life. Raising her two young boys, 6 and 14, holding them close…keeping them safe. Loving them greater than she ever has before.

It’s always such a shock when tragedy strikes. That a man so strong could be lost. Hockey coach. Triathlete. Hero.

My heart goes out to this Mom and her two boys, to their families, fellow soldiers, loved ones and friends.

Petty Officer Second Class Craig Blake, 37, was killed on Monday, May 3, 2010. Arriving in Kandahar last month, he was on his first tour of duty in Afghanistan. He was a navy clearance diver, serving with the Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic in Halifax. He will be remembered by so many…and greatly missed.

2 Replies to “Keep them safe…”

  1. Well written Colleen. And I know first hand the long road she faces. I hope she is fortunate to have the same amount of support that I had.