Odd socks…

For the first time in a long time I have all three floors of my house clean at the same time! Chances are it’s not going to last long. So if you want to drop by… please come soon!

I hate laundry. I can wash it… dry it… fold it… and pile it in baskets in my bedroom! I can’t get it put away! Lord knows the kids aren’t doing it! I have things to iron that I haven’t worn in years… then again… with all the weight I’ve lost they’ll be way too big now so I guess I got away with that one! I’m not sure what the problem is? It doesn’t help that the laundry room is in the basement… I really wish it was on the floor with all the dirty clothes! Then there’s just so much of it all the time… why can’t children wear pants more than one day at a time! How do they get so dirty?

The socks are the biggest issue. I gave up on those a long time ago. If I see a pair when I’m doing the laundry I’ll fold them together… then… I simply throw the singles on the floor of the linen closet for the kids to deal with!!! (Hey… if they can stuff their cheese string wrappers down the sides of the couch cushions I can throw their socks on the floor of the linen closet!)

My main floor is usually pretty clean, I try to keep my bedroom clean (you just never know when a girl might have the opportunity for company) and my dishwasher is usually full of clean dishes. So really… I’m doing pretty good! (OK… my bedroom is often a wreck… really… why bother!)

I’ve a Monica Closet/Storage Room that looks like a bomb went off and my garage is out of control… but I guess that’s not too bad. Who puts their car in the garage anyway!!! And are storage rooms meant to be organized?

I must admit… it’s way better than it used to be. It’s the kids. They just drop stuff wherever they are and I can’t keep ahead of them. I’ve finally given them all “junk” drawers in my kitchen cabinet… and it’s working. All the bits and pieces of stuff that they leave around… I put in their drawer. It’s working for me… I’m just not sure what it’s teaching them!!! It beats piling the stuff on the steps for them to repeatedly walk past. I don’t get why they don’t see it there… if something is on a step… it means it’s on its way upstairs… and it can’t make it on its own!!! BRING IT UP!!

I have white tiles on my main floor and I’m not a stickler for shoes in the house. That might be a bit of an issue. I’m sweeping and washing the floor on a regular basis! Then there’s the issue of dog paws and muddy lawn… but the paw marks are just so adorable pit pattering across the white tiles!

Oh whatever… kids in the house… messy… messy… kids in the house. I’m just so damn happy!

I’m nesting. Owning my house and loving it. Purging. Putting away winter things. Hauling the clothes that the children have outgrown this year out of their closets. Sorting through sporting equipment. Washing windows and walls, baseboards and floors. It’s a Spring thing. It’s a good thing. I feel like my life is finally in order! It’s been messy for a long time.

My house looks fantastic. Life is fantastic. Quick… come visit! (Just pretend you don’t see my wrinkled clothes or the children’s odd socks! And for goodness sake… don’t reach down between the couch cushions!!!)