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I took Zucchini to Fairview Animal Hospital for her needles today.  It was her third birthday yesterday so she was due everything.  With Parvovirus on my mind I wanted to make sure she was safe so we can head back to the off leash park next week.
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Dr. Suzette Dibblee was very thorough checking out my noble beast. She told me about a few needles to do with illnesses that dogs can get.  I declined on the “raccoon pee / stagnant water” needle, however, as we were leaving the office, Zuke met a weasel in a cage in the reception area and I noticed the water cooler sitting there not moving… I’ll watch out for fever over the next few days.

Ran into “Jamie” in the vet clinic.  He’s currently taking his Veterinary Technology Diploma specializing in Avian and Exotic Medicine.  He’s a fantastic guy… a bit of a rare bird himself!  I taught him his Intro to Computers course at the university many years back and he was one of my favourite students.  He was keying things into the computer for Dr. Dibblee as she was checking Zuke out… seems I taught him well!  It’s always a pleasure to be in his company.

The “Sparkles of Hope” bracelets are a HUGE success.  The Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation, is selling the $40 bracelets to raise funds and they are experiencing unanticipated demand.  There are more than 1,000 names on a waiting list including mine!  Their goal was to raise $100,000 in a year… but they did that in ten days!  According to The Telegram in St. John’s, they’d sold over $260,000 worth of the bracelets as of last week.  CONGRATULATIONS on such a successful fundraising effort benefiting so many people!
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I won’t be giving Mom Barb Stegemann’s “7 Virtues Afghanistan Orange Blossom Eau de Parfum” for Mother’s Day… they were all sold out too!  Pretty exciting for Barb and the women of Afghanistan.  I picked up the book though and am enjoying it very much.  She speaks of Fred McGillivray at one point… and I knew immediately who she was speaking about before I saw his name in print.  He was a great help to me in another life a long time ago… nice to see he’s still inspiring people.
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I’ve been thinking about this “Homesteading” thing.  I ripped all the plants out of one of my gardens and plan on putting in a kitchen garden.  I could do with a bit of help… I’ve no idea what I’m doing!
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My brows need waxing.  I’ll be heading to Mudwraps to Manicures to see Lisa on Friday.  I’ll check out a few of her new products too and send along the information… she’s always got great ideas for Mother’s Day.
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May’s calendar has been updated for the month.  I have lots on the go… but still plenty more I can fit in!  Mom gave me new post it notes so I don’t forget anything!
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So far this week I twice visited my happy place, Home Sense… but the week got better as it went on.  My brother will be aerating this weekend if anyone is in need… give him a call at 499-7548.  I spent an hour matching socks and ironing, I changed all of the light bulbs in the house and the bubbles eventually drained from my friend’s dishwasher.

Finally… while I could do with a vacation, I can’t wait for Saturday night!  Gwen and Carolyn will surely be putting off a fantastic show with Rock the Joint.  Get your tickets and come along… we’ll be heading to Durty Nelly’s when it’s over!
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Oh… my neighbour who loves to be mentioned… she’s dropped in on a few occasions this week.  Usually with wine… always with a smile.  Full of advice and foolishness… great stories and plenty of laughter!  We’ve got big plans for the months ahead… starting with my birthday!  (I’ll be sending out a new “Queen’s Big Wish List” in the coming weeks so you’re not at a loss when it comes time to purchase something.  Scratch the coffee table… I got myself a new one!  It’s all good.)

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  1. love your kitchen garden project….must haves are; chives, basil, and tom tom tomatoes. anyone can grow them and the kids will love them too….have fun.