It’s a love thing…

I don’t really get this “love” thing.  (The fact that my soon-to-be ex headed South this morning with his girlfriend might be part of the problem.  Things have been heading south for awhile!)

The love thing… well… I went to The Court for my son’s weekly lesson and for the life of me I can’t figure out how they keep score!  Come to think of it… I don’t really get this “court” thing either.

I think it’s best I don’t ever speak of tennis.

As we were pulling into “The Court”… which will be referred to from this point forward as “The Club”… my son was singing along to “I Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas (they’re coming to Halifax this summer and he’d really like me to take him so he was singing extra loud.)  Anyway… he screws up the lyrics to most songs so I usually listen carefully and wasn’t disappointed to hear…

Jump off that sofa
Lets get it off
Fill up my cup
Muscle Top

Me:  “Did you just say Muscle Top?”
Boy: “Yeah… don’t you know what a muscle top is?”
Me: “It’s Mozolotov”
Boy: “That’s what I said… Muscle Top”, he says as he jumps out of the car and runs into The Club leaving me locking up the car and slowly walking into the place laughing!

On entering the building I saw exactly what he was singing about!   THREE “muscle tops” at the front desk!  One fellow… wearing a sleeveless shirt… tattooed… muscled… happily sitting in a chair with what looked to be cow utters attached to him!

Turns out it’s an Ancient Chinese Secret called “Cuppnig Therapy” (reminds me I have to change over the laundry since I’m going to “Rock the Joint” tonight and I need to wear pants.)  Meghan Smith, a Registered Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer with Nova Physiotherapy, was busily applying the technique and took the time to explain it all to me.  The fellow in question is suffering from Tendonitis due to overzealous workouts… which was quite evident from the Muscle Top he adorned!

A partial vacuum is created in the cups placed on the skin either by means of heat or suction (which looks incredibly strange and is surely going to leave the mark equal to that of a grade nine hickey!) The suction draws up the underlying tissues, causing blood to flow to the area and then healing begins to take place.  The tissues release toxins (which is visible as the clear cups began to “fog” up) which then activates the lymphatic system helping to clear all sorts of ailments.  Cupping Therapy is apparently a type of deep tissue massage… which is very safe and quite effective based on the smile on Mr. Muscle Top’s face!

Meghan Smith can be reached at or by email at  She was quite pleasant, gentle and seemed to be doing a great job! 

Black Eyed Peas are performing July 24th and tickets can be purchased through

My pants should be dry any minute… I’m heading to Rock the Joint!  Gwen Boudreau will probably be calling Meghan for some “Cupping Therapy” after she runs two halfs and one full marathon with Joints in Motion this year.

Personally, I recommend “Couples Therapy”.  It can possibly help with the love issue and hopefully keep you away from the courts… it may even have you trying something new like Couples Tennis!

Tonight’s gonna be a good night.

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