Hot tin roof…

One of my dearest friends blew out of town about nine months ago.  An opportunity arose for her family to move to Dubai and they jumped at it.  It scared the hell out of me.  How was I going to move forward without her pushing me?  I had a lot banking on that little one.

The thing is… it was a huge adventure for her family.  Her boys would see amazing places.  Travel to exotic lands.  Attend a private school where field trips involved plane rides and hockey tournaments were held in Switzerland instead of Musquodobit Harbour.  (I’m not knocking the Musquodobit tournament… they use a fog machine, lights and music… players names are called out as they step on the ice… it’s pretty awesome!)

From all I hear, Dubai is spectacular.  They’re having a ball… seeing amazing sights… visiting parts of the world I didn’t know existed.  (I’m not very good at Geography… or Math.)  They’ll be home this summer and I can’t wait to see them… I’m sure they’ve changed a bit this year… and so have I.

Nothing thrills me more than discovering new places.  I hopped in the car this morning and headed down the highway with my folks for a Sunday adventure.  We had a destination in mind… Head of Chezzetcook!  There’s a little cafe called Tin Roof Mercantile and Cafe that I wanted to check out.  My friend Jackie’s folks own the place.  They also owned Cricket on the Hearth in Bedford until it recently sold.  Cricket was a favourite spot for me to browse… so I’d imagined I’d like Tin Roof as well.

I wasn’t disappointed.  The store was full of charm and the food was absolutely amazing!  I had a sandwich with curried chicken and grapes on this amazing homemade bread that Jackie’s Dad makes himself.  The spinach salad was one of the best I’ve had and the cheesecake was light and amazing!  I’m no food critic here but it tasted  awesome!  Dad had the seafood chowder and was pretty pleased… he makes a mean chowder and always compares others to his own… he was impressed.  Mom looked pretty happy with her meal as well.  Her only complaint was that her dessert was too  big!  Can you imagine!!!  The atmosphere was fantastic and they served wonderful, tasty, homemade, yummy food!  I’ll be going back for sure.

We finished our meal and had a browse around the store.  I love a store that’s well merchandised… everything placed so purposefully on the shelves and plenty of ideas for everyone.  I’ve a gift or two in mind for a few upcoming occasions.  Come to think of it… there’s a few things there I’d like myself!

My girlfriend and her family will be heading home in a few weeks for the summer.  Seems Dubai gets too hot in the summer months so most folk head home to remember where they came from and rub it in to the rest of us!  She’s going to be cold… she’s gotten used to the desert heat.  I have absolutely no intention of turning on the furnace while she’s here!  Chances are I’ll haul her off to the Tin Roof so we can have a nice lunch together and catch up.  They have a fireplace in the cafe… I’ll call ahead to make sure the fire is a roaring one! 

If you’re heading to the Tin Roof Mercantile and Cafe… make your way through Dartmouth towards Musqudobit… take Exit 20 and turn right past the strip mall.  The cafe is on Highway 7 in Head of Chezzetcook.  We got lost at first but it was a nice Sunday drive all the same!  Like I said… I’m not very good with Geography!  (Or apparently with Dad’s GPS.)

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