Definately teasing susan…

Doing what I love… writing… has given me something amazing to look forward to each day.  I’ve had great encouragement from family, friends and complete strangers.  I’ve met some wonderful people and I’m discovering a whole new world that I’m so happy to share with you.  I can imagine I’ll be doing this for quite some time… especially as the momentum builds… and it’s building.

I’ve discovered so much about myself in the last few weeks.

I’ve discovered that I love a good exclamation point!!!!  When I’m all finished writing I review the post and remove at least a dozen of them before I hit the “publish post” button.

I’ve also discovered that I like three dots in a row!  What’s with “…”?  Does it replace a comma… a pause… I’m not sure.  Somehow I’m trying to convey my “speaking tone” into your “reading head”.  I spent hours yesterday recording my voice… reading the “It’s the little things…” post into a mic so that you could read along as I spoke.  After dealing with kids fighting, door bells ringing, dogs barking, an ambulance driving by and a sound issue on my mic… I finally got what I felt was a perfect recording… only to discover there is no easy way of adding audio to the blog.  I can now recite yesterdays post word for word.

I’ve also discovered that I can’t spell the word “definite”… I spell it “definate”!  My sweet cousin, Susan, in the UK, set me straight on that one.  Them British are freaky about the use of the English language!  She’s the Head of the English Department at some swanky school so I totally get that she noticed my error.  But for the record, she’s not really British… she’s from Newfoundland (though you’d never guess from her wonderful British accent.)  Poor thing’s on maternity leave AND has a broken foot.  She has lots of time while collecting the dole in her bed-sit, as her wee chavy is having a kip and her bloke is working, to pour herself a spot of tea and spend some time reading my agony aunt posts!

I have no sweet clue what I just said… but say it in a Newfoundland/British accent… it’s freakin’ hilarious!!!

Sure wish I could put that audio on my blog!!  Wish I could be in London right now… visiting the Queen… seeing some fancy clock bridge… helping this wonderful new mom get through this difficult time!  Mainly I’d just like to get my hands on baby Isaac… squish his little feet… kiss his precious nose… change his nappie!!!

By the way… that’s one paragraph, three sentences, six exclamation points and 18 dots!

Thanks everyone for the kind words… for the full on encouragement and support!  For the emails and comments that you post.  Keep them coming… they keep me going.  Thanks for laughing when I make you laugh… crying when I make you cry… and saying absolutely nothing when I’ve bored you.  Thanks for fixing my spelling mistakes.

I definately appreciate it.

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