Family ties…

Michael J. Fox should have been my prom date.  I’m not sure what the fella’s name was that I went with… I asked someone from a different school that I hardly knew.  The guy I really wanted to invite had broken my heart a few weeks before, so prom was a bit messed up.  But Michael J. Fox… that would have mended my broken heart for sure!

My cousin knows him… well… he’s my second cousin… ok… I hardly know the guy.  He’s best friends with Michael… they grew up together in Burnaby and their families are still super close.  You know… for arguments sake, and to avoid confusion, it would be easiest if we just agreed that Michael J. Fox and I are cousins.  I hate trying to figure out all that “once removed” stuff.

Michael and my cousin were each other’s best men at their weddings.  I wasn’t in attendance as it was around the same time as my prom (but I’m sure I would have been invited otherwise).   Rumor has it that my Great Uncle from Newfoundland pushed Mr. Fox over the side of the boat during the stag party… take that Mr. McFly!

My oldest was born around the same time that Michael’s oldest was born and my Great Aunt Irma made both my sweet girl and Michael’s darling Sam quilts for their bassinets…  using the same bunny fabric!  That’s one helluva connection!  I met Michael’s Mom at my Uncle Gerald’s house when I was a teenager.  It was the summer before prom and my cousin told me Michael had never been to his own High School prom so I should invite him for a lark… I never did.  I’m pretty sure if I had he would have come… and Tracey Pollan would have had a whole different life than she has right now!

We’re gearing up for prom around here… seems only yesterday I was doing the same thing… sans the crazy plans and limo.  (Though if Michael had come we’d have taken a helicopter.)  Come to think of it… I don’t even know where we had our prom.  Nowadays it’s a full day event… hair, makeup, pedicure, photographer, grand march, dance, after party.  It’s all pretty exciting for me… I mean her.

Prom is a really big deal.  It’s the stuff you’ll remember for years to come…  if you can remember who you went with and where it was!  I remember what I wore… does that make me shallow?  Oh who cares.  Lucky for me I get to do it all over again in a few weeks and this time I’m gonna do it right… no broken heart! 

I wonder what Michael’s up to?     

Winston’s Pub and Eatery and Labbatt’s Brewery are hosting a Chicken Wing Eating Challenge in support of Maritimer’s Living with Parkinson’s Disease.  The event is Wednesday, May 26th at 6:30.  The pub has, in my opinion, the best wings in Halifax!  Gather a group of friends and head to Winston’s.  My cousin Michael has Parkinson’s so the event is dear to my heart.

Check out Michael J. Fox’s book “Always Looking Up”.  It’s a story of thinking positive… getting through the rough days… facing challenges head on.  I’m pretty sure he’s mentioned me in there. 

I have some pretty amazing cousins.  All forty somethin’ of them… and their kids… and second cousins.  I’m close with each of them but I guess if I ever had a falling out with one of them they’d be “once removed”.  Pretty sure that’s how it works.  I’ll mention a few of them from time to time… they’re doing pretty amazing things… Michael isn’t our only celebrity… there’s just someting about Family Ties.

One Reply to “Family ties…”

  1. I was at that wedding in 1987, coming all the way from Newfoundland to attend my cousins wedding! So, yes I have been in the company of Michael J. Fox!! I had met him years earlier at my uncles house on Moscrop St.!! Michael was heading down to LA, my uncle told me, looking to make it as an actor! So, we had our picture taken together and I remember looking at Michael and thinking! " What are the odds!"

    It wasn't that I thought he couldn't make it but so many people have that dream " What are the odds!! Well as it turns out the odds were very good!

    Michael had many auditions and was just about to return home to BC, when he read for the part of Alex Keaton…well the rest is history!

    I think of Michael as that boy beside me in the picture!

    I think of Michael as that boy who lifted me in the air at the engagement party!

    I think of Michael as the boy who kissed me on the cheek at the wedding!

    I think of Michael as that courageous man fighting a battle with Parkinsons!

    I am no longer a skeptic, you see! Our cousin Michael took care of that!!