Wintston’s Wing-it was wicked with the wee ones.
Willie whacked his wig.
Waffles were wet.
Watching warblers and woodpeckers while on wicker.
Withers wiggled and wobbled.
deWyze wins on wave wrap-up but why wire William!
Wonderful weather week.
Writing without witty wisecracks.
Worn out.

Translation… the “Wing-it” event at Winston’s Pub and Eatery was fantastic!  We put together a team which included three adults and three kids.  They had a ball!  Wings were devoured and incredibly tasty… all in the name of raising money for maritimers living with Parkinsons.  A great time was had!  Pictures were taken… I hope to never see them!

Willie Nelson cut his braids!  I wonder what he did with the hair?

My youngest put too much maple syrup on her waffles.

We hung five bird feeders and are reaping the rewards of seeing birds on a regular basis while sitting on our deck!  We’ve seen at least 6 varieties so far and my kids are loving it!  It’s quite a treat to watch nature from your kitchen window.

The horse my daughter rode tonight wasn’t feeling well.  She got off one… tacked up another… and went on with her lesson.

For Simon’s “Good Bye” show, Lee deWyze wins the American Idol!  I can’t believe I sat through another ridiculous speech from Paula… talk about awkward!  And William Hung… did we really need to put a mic in his hand again?

We’re enjoying some great weather this last few days.

I’m not feeling very inspired to write anything funny.

I think I’m just a little tired.


3 Replies to “Wednesday…”

  1. S'ok Colleen…we all have days like that! I did enjoy your opening alliteration (i love alliteration and am a fellow fan of the 3 dots too…not 2, not 4…just 3). Just wanted to say that your blog arrived just as i sat down at the computer with my coffee. You are so thoughtful – lol! Keep up the great work, girlie!

  2. Had to look up Alliteration before I could comment… Thanks. I'm a fan of double u's!