Rags to riches…

Perez Hilton was just offered 20 million dollars to sell his blog and walk away… three other bloggers want to merge into his Internet address and keep it going… without Perez.  It will be interesting to see if he goes for it.  Twenty million is a whack of money… he’s the most famous blogger in the world… walking the red carpet and meeting with celebrities.  I wonder if he still wants to write… or if he’ll move on to his next adventure?

There’s no one throwing big money at me at the moment… but it’s early!

I’m meeting a ton of bloggers out there. Apparently I fall under the term “Mommy Blog”… but not once have I talked about diapers, rashes or breast feeding.  I figure it must have been the jar of Gerber food I mentioned seeing at the pub last week that must have done it!  What the heck… I’ve got a Mommy Blog… and I’m not the only one!

I met these two sisters, Andrea and Sonia, who have a fabulous blog.  When I say “met”… I actually have no idea who they are… but we’ve been communicating through email and I’ve been reading and enjoying what they have to say.  When I say “they”… I actually mean Andrea as I’ve not actually spoken with Sonia.  However, through a search of their blog I found a post detailing her reasons for being MIA that listed everything from falling asleep in the Old Navy dressing room to her imaginary friend going through a separation and needing her support.  Something tells me I’d like her!  I’ve closed my eyes in the odd dressing room myself… and my imaginary friend has really been helping me out with this separation I’m going through!

Blogging since the summer of 2009, Andrea and Sonia are from Third Street Handcrafters.  They’ve got a good thing going.  Two sisters, growing families, working mom’s, pulled in different directions… they needed to find something in order for these two siblings to spend some time together… so one night a week they got together to “craft”.

To me… there has always been a fine line between craft and art… and I think they’ve crossed it.  The sisters are creating beautiful “rag” dolls from gorgeous fabrics and terrific imaginations… I swear they’re using my daughters as their inspiration!  Wide eyed, big smiled, pink cheeked, beautiful little girls… perfect for squishing, cuddling and smothering in kisses. 

I recommend you check them out.  They’ve been known to hit the craft shows but their fanciful dolls can now be purchased online through their site… along with various other treasures.

There are some pretty neat mom’s out there doing wonderful things… finding their place in the world… raising kids, keeping their identities, and blogging about their adventures.  From time to time I’ll tell you about them.

I’m expecting a phone call offering me the the twenty million… for now I’ll turn it down… I’m having too much fun discovering a whole new world and at the moment that’s worth more than money can buy.  (Oh who am I kidding!) 

Call me!

5 Replies to “Rags to riches…”

  1. Oh my – you are too kind!! Thanks so much for this fabulous feature post .. oh … and for not freaking when you discovered your children had been turned into dolls by strangers!! With posts like this the riches are sure to come knocking! But I may be a little biased…

  2. Such a pleasure to discover you and your sister Andrea… plus we have a Newfoundland connection so it's even dearer to my heart! Glad you enjoyed the read!

  3. I really do exist, I swear I'm not an alter ego of Andrea's who pops up from time to time to confuse people and do math.

    Thank you so much for the feature! Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? Great little blog inspiration.

  4. I'm starting to think you're "fake" siblings… you're not a mother… you don't work… you hire children from an underdeveloped country to sew your dolls… you're living a total lie! But hey… it seems to be working for you! Think I'll get me a fake sister and see what happens!