She’s the one…

There was a time I made fun of the kids who were in the school musical…they weren’t part of the “cool crowd.” They stood out. Were different. Yet…I secretly longed to be on stage performing with them.

When my daughter entered High School I told her it was my one regret…and for the second year in a row I had the honour of sitting in the audience to admire yet another one of her accomplishments!

I’m still smiling.

The first time I put her in dance class she was so excited…pale blue leotard, pink tights, pink slippers…she danced and twirled…she was gonna be a star!

Until she got there.

There was a man playing bongos in the dance studio.. and she refused to enter the room. I tried for five weeks…and then gave up. The next year I brought her somewhere that didn’t have a bongo player…and she danced for 14 years non-stop. I’ve enjoyed every performance….every dance…every moment on stage (except “Seusical the Musical”….I hated that damn hat wearin’ cat).

She wasn’t the only one who danced and performed as Amy was her imaginary friend. We used to watch her perform every night after supper. We’d sit in the living room admiring as Amy spun and twirled…danced and sang…what beautiful form and such exquisite grace. My sweet “stwawbewwy bwond” angel would describe to me what I was witnessing and sometimes she’d dance along with her special friend. Mostly we sat there and watched an empty room…ooohing and aaahing at the beautiful non-existent performance.

Amy became such an ever-present part of our family, that for her birthday one year I made her a cake…three candles…same as my angel. Supper ended and the cake came out…my daughter was horrified!  How could I put three candles on the cake? Amy was sixty two!

Who knew?

She was pretty damn graceful for a senior citizen…such poise and remarkable flexibility!

I’ve watched her through the years in a variety of plays and dance recitals (my kid…not imaginary Amy) and I’m constantly reminded of the kids who performed on stage when I was in High School. They’ve made a place for themselves in the world as surgeons, judges, successful actors and musicians…not ever realizing they weren’t the “cool crowd”…because they were…and they knew it.

The kids on stage and in the pit tonight have a lifetime ahead of them. They’re in the spotlight. So much to look forward to…so much to discover. Once again, I’m honoured to have the opportunity to sit back, watch and admire the show going on in front of me.  I’m quite sure for many years to come…I’ll be smiling.

One…singular sensation ev’ry little step she takes.
One…thrilling combination ev’ry move that she makes.
One smile and suddenly nobody else will do.
You know you’ll never be lonely with you-know-who.
One…moment in her presence and you can forget the rest.
For the girl is second best to none, son.
Oooh! Sigh! Give her your attention.
Do…I…really have to mention.
She’s the one.

8 Replies to “She’s the one…”

  1. I was there last night, I really do exist!! Fantastic show!

  2. OH WOW!!!!! My daughter played "Larry" the choreographer of the whole show! We really have to meet sometime… what brought you to the show!

  3. I can't remember if I thought it was cool or not…. that's the cliched and crazy part: "gotta sing, gotta dance". If ya gotta, ya gotta. I wish you had been up there with me singing antiquated dittys from the 40's, Colleen. I propose that it is never too late…..
    Lovely read, thanks. xx

  4. It's funny I thoguth she looked familiar. A friend of mine invited me to go, she knows the young lady who played Cassie. Fantastic production… I love high school musicals!

  5. The part of Cassie was played by my daughters best friend! Such a small world… we must meet sometime!

  6. I am sure Larry was amazing!! I wish I could have watched. I was in A Chorus Line in high school… are you saying I wasn't cool?:) My daughter is in musicals too and she thinks it's the coolest thing ever… maybe times have changed. Congrats to you and Larry!!! Does Amy still exist? Colleen, maybe you can have an Amy… maybe the Amy's of the world inspire us…

  7. Tina… you were about as cool as it gets honey! And so was every kid ever in a musical…putting yourself out there is pretty amazing! I don't believe Amy exists any longer… but lately I find myself dancing around my living room all by myself… so maybe she is!

  8. Your brother here. I was in two of those musicals 25 years ago while you made fun of us. I think one of them also had Fiona in the cast. Hi Fiona!

    Congratulations to you and to Em.