A tisket a tasket….

My day was nothing close to normal!  It began like every other Saturday morning… girlfriends pounding on the front door bringing me a basket full of wrapped presents and proving the fact that I’m spoiled rotten.

I can’t wait until Monday to see what they do!

It’s not really how most Saturday mornings go around here… but sometimes plans get altered… you have to go with the flow.

My neighbour turned forty a few weeks ago… I was turning forty “too”.

Truth is I actually told them to get me presents… but the thing is… they really did!  The basket contained 7 Virtues Afghanistan Orange Blossom Eau de Parfum, a gift certificate to Mudwraps to Manicures, a beautiful ring (again from Mudwraps, they have fantastic jewellery), a magnet that says “Queen of Everything”, wine and magazine for a leisurely afternoon and a Starbucks gift card!  These girls are reading my blog and getting me exactly what I ask for!  All that was missing was the tall, dark, handsome, young, sweet thing.  But the day was only beginning.

A gaggle of girlfriends including my Prada sunglass wearin’ neighbour came out for an evening of fun and adventure… so you know there’s a story or two.  Six coronas, 2 Mojitos, 2 Apple Martinis in and the laughter began.  That was just the first round!  There’s no point saying where we went first… we were told the food was good and service was excellent but I guess we were a bit Gullabull

We headed to the Carleton for a drink.  That place is just lovely and from the look of the menu I’ll be back for a meal.  Formerly Rosa’s Cantina, where I’d spent my late teens and early twenties… I didn’t miss the Blue Zone, the ninty nine cent margarita’s or the vodka and limes… guess I’m growing up!  The place was dark and mysterious… the atmosphere was exceptional.  We had a comic for a waiter who chances are has enough material for his next gig.  Seriously, who speeds down Windsor Street with their bent over uncle stuck and wedged between the bucket seats, unable to get up, without taking a moment to help but instead tells him to “hang on tight” because their kid was late for hockey?  Not only that… but bends over the bar stool to show us his exact position… arse up to the world!  You guessed it… Prada!  You could hardly hear the music through the laughter as she belted out one funny, wonderful, charming story after the next and kept us in stitches.

Next stop… Nelly’s.  What exactly are young fellows doing hanging out with women almost twice their age?  Are we part of a bet?  Must be it… first person to snag a cougar gets five hundred bucks and bragging rights for the rest of the year!  What the heck… we’re game!  Literally!

They arrived at our table to find out what all the laughter was about.  First one… the bolder one of the group… then slowly they all start meandering over as if staged… introductions were made… hands were shaken.  They were there to celebrate an older brother’s thirtieth birthday… I told them I was thirty too!  Talk about gullible!  Questions started flying… where do you go to High School….where’d you get your fake id… whatcha’ wearing to prom… typical questions until Prada looked at us sternly and stated “Don’t spook them!”  We cooled our heels a little!

We were in the presence of a group of handsome, funny, clever guys in their second and third years of law school… a little closer to our ages than we thought.  I’m not in need of another lawyer at the moment but again… what the heck!  Some days you gotta go with the flow! 

We spent the evening that way… “forty somethings” women laughing at the foolishness and antics of a few good looking guys out for a laugh with the potential of winning five hundred bucks at the end of the night.  Alright… I’m not really sure if there was money on the table… but as one young, blond bombshell in a tank top after another passed our laughing hysterical table and the young lads weren’t following them through the bar… you had to wonder!

It was a fantastic night!  Full of fun and laughter.

Final stop… Willys’.  Which seriously deserves more of a mention when I have a bit of time so I’ll get back to you on that one.  Suffice it to say we’re a donair town with a not to be discounted poutine shop… and sometimes you need something different at the end of an evening.

Tall, dark, handsome, lovely and athletic.  Played baseball in the Beijing Olympics.  Left handed… could teach my kid a thing or two about pitching.  Runs clinics sometimes… might drop by to help out at practice… show them a thing or two.  I’m here writing… he’s downstairs making breakfast… five hundred bucks richer but we’re splitting the cash.  I could use a pair of Prada sunglasses… they weren’t in the gift basket! 

My girlfriend gave me a necklace last night with three charms that say Friendship, Hope and Believe.  That sums things up perfectly. My girlfriends are simply amazing… there’s so much hope for my future… I believe in myself… and they believe in me!  (Alright… he’s not downstairs making breakfast!)

Call me if you need a good lawyer…. I know a few!

4 Replies to “A tisket a tasket….”

  1. OMG you had me! Totally!! You should have seen the look on my face when I read he was downstairs making breakfast. Damn you, you had me! ha! Can't wait to see you.

  2. HAHAHAHA! Glad I had you La! Can't wait to see you either! (PS… Breakfast was yummy!)

  3. hahaha! Coll…you've GOTTA try the food at The Carlton…it's outta this WORLD! Plus, they have awesome live music. I <3 Carlton!

  4. Sounds like an awesome time!! I'm glad you had a good birthday.