Putting the F in Fun Fair…

In about an hour I’m heading to the “Fun Fair” at my kids’ school to throw fifty quid on the table and wonder how it disappeared.  My kids will come out with a couple of suckers… stickers stuck to their shirts that will leave a nasty sticky mess after they go through the wash…. tattoos on their cheeks that will be stuck there for days… blue tongues and an attitude from sugary cotton candy… ketchup on their chins and gum in their hair.

Those bouncy castles.  An hour line up for two minutes of glory… praying my kid doesn’t smoke heads with another kid or I’ll be forced to go to the emergency room for the afternoon. Hoping they can remember which sneakers they came with so they don’t get lost in the “sock feet only” pileup.  Wondering why a huge lineup warrants only ONE slide down the slide and not two!

The fishy pond… hockey shoot… dunk tank… ball toss… duct tape the Vice Principal to the wall… bake table… “gently used goods” and plant table.  Same old same old.  (Though I do enjoy seeing the Vice Principal duct taped to the wall!)

I’m volunteering at the Ice Cone machine.  My attempt to do something to help and to avoid being asked to work the cotton candy machine… or worse… the dunk tank!  I’d planned on making a couple of bunny shaped cakes for the cake walk… but life isn’t always a cake walk… and the bunny cakes got away from me.  I could buy some… or I could just show up with nothing.  I’m opting for nothing.

While I adore the moms who put so much time into the event… cherish the memories my children get out of it… enjoy the laughter coming from the little ones as they greet their friends with warm hugs and happy smiles… I hate the fun fair.

To my friends Heather and Lynn and Diane and all the other wonderful moms the school just couldn’t live without… THANK YOU for the tireless work you put in to give my kids an enjoyable day.  This is the stuff they love.  This is fun… kid style.  Thanks for everything you do to make the school a better place… to keep my kids safe… to raise money for much needed equipment and resources.  I’ll stick a smile on my face for you guys… but know this… I would rather poke sticks in my eyes!!

See you at the fair.

3 Replies to “Putting the F in Fun Fair…”

  1. Just left our Spring Fair. It really is the same every year, and even at every school. It's a great time to catch up on with the other parents that we never see at the school. I did my turn taking tickets at the bouncy maze…. oh my, what fun.