If lost please find…

I feel totally naked!  Totally exposed.

While at the movie theatre today I lost my wallet.  Somehow in the shuffle of four people getting popcorn and stuff to put on the popcorn and pop and treats and passing it all back and forth and making sure no one spilled any or dropped anything… you know the drill… I lost it.  I’m sitting in the movie when suddenly it occurs to me that I’ve forgotten it at the front counter… I make my way back out… but it’s gone.  That fast.

Now I’m left thinking of all of the things I have to replace and what a pain it all is and the fact that there’s money in there is secondary to getting a new drivers liscense and replacing all those cards.  My health card… my Air Miles card… various reward cards and gift cards… not to mention I was almost due a free greeting card from Hallmark!  The aggravation of it is near sending me in a tail spin and I can think of nothing else!  Hence… not much of a blog.

I’m still waiting for the call… and I don’t really care which one it is… the “hey we found your wallet in the lost and found” or the “hey we found your wallet in the garbage and it has no money left but the cards are all there”… either one would be fine… a good samaritan would even be better!!  Getting the money back would be a bonus… but the pain of having to replace everything that was in it is just AWFUL!  Besides the fact I LOVED my wallet!

So much to do tomorrow.

One Reply to “If lost please find…”

  1. Dude, that SUCKS! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Get those credit cards cancelled.