Tower of towels…

 There’s a towel tower on my kitchen table.  I did laundry yesterday and each time I went upstairs… I removed a pile.  I took the washed, dried, de-stained and neatly folded clothing and placed them lovingly on each child’s dresser.  They’ll be rifled through and not put away.  A few items they don’t typically wear will find themselves back in the laundry pile the next time they’re forced to clean their rooms… still folded.

The towels will remain on the kitchen table until I put them away… or until someone inadvertently knocks them down and I’ll yell loud enough for them to realize that it’s quite possible I actually didn’t want the towel tower to remain on the kitchen table forever.  Hopefully it doesn’t come to that… and I get them put away before they hit the floor.

We’ve had two lunches, a breakfast and a supper at the counter since I started building the tower… far be it for someone to remove it.  Apparently they’re going with the idea that I built it… so they don’t possibly want to wreck it on me!  Some part of me wants to yell “THIS ISN’T LEGO I’M BUILDING!  SOMEONE PUT THE DAMN TOWELS AWAY!”  But I don’t.  Yet I don’t move it.

Yesterday I played Jenga with my son.  We played a good ten games, removing little wooden pieces from the pile, hoping not to fell the tower.  Laughing hysterically when it did.  The entire thing slamming loudly to the floor as it became unsteady… pieces going everywhere… our attempt to catch the tower as it fell made them go further.  I fear for my towels.  I know at some point someone’s going to remove one from the middle as they’re heading up for a shower… not the one on top… they never want the one on top.

Supper is ready.  I better set the counter… maybe for a table cloth I’ll use part of my tower!

3 Replies to “Tower of towels…”

  1. I have a similar problem. My husband eats a lot of bread but never finished the bag before he opens the next. The result is a cupboard filled with two-slice-left bread bags. Eventually, I take all the bread out, put it into one bag and put the empties into the recycling. At this point I wind up with growing piles of single bread bags filled with leftover crusts and slices that didn't make the cut. I leave these on top of the counter, waiting for someone to take them out to the green bin. I currently have five such bags on my counter – remember, my husband eats A LOT of bread so it really doesn't take that long for these pests to accumulate. I know that I will eventually surrender and bring the rejected bread out to the germ box myself.

    Oh well, my family brought me home some potted crysanthumums from the grocery store today, so I know that they really do love me.

  2. I hate doing laundry, but love reading your blog.
    I folded laundry for over an hour today because my husband only washes and dryes it and leaves it squished in baskets all wrinkled and mixed up for me to fold. I was so mad I told him he no longer has to do laundry if he is not going to fold it. He replied with sure, great. I will let you know how this works out for me.
    Your children should be grateful that you bring their clothes to their rooms. I leave each childs clothes in a basket downstairs and just laugh to myself every morning as I watch them go downstairs each morning to get their clothes. I am wondering how old you are when common sense sets in. If I dont ask them to bring up their baskets they wont. Why is it we (moms) always have to ask??? but no one ever has to ask us to do anything. I wonder what life would be like if I waited for someone to ask me to buy toilet paper or make supper before I do it? Do we teach our children to take us for granted?

  3. At least towels falls softly:)

    And I love the idea of leaving the basket downstairs for the kids!

    Enjoy the weekend with your phenomenal women.