Bite me…

Half the night was spent scratching a mosquito bite on my foot… the other half was spent listening to my snoring dog.

The dog I can forgive… she’s cute in an ugly sort of way… but the bite is unforgivable.

I started rubbing my foot back and forth on the side of my bed… making it so much worse but unable to stop.  Totally annoying the snoring beast sleeping next to me… leaving me apologizing to her in the middle of the night.  Who apologizes to a dog for waking her up when the spoiled thing is resting comfortable in luxury?

I finally got up and put some Calamine Lotion on it (the bite not the dog)… took a sleeping pill… and fell into slumber.

Alright… no sleeping pill… but now that I think of it… that was the answer!

I put a hot cloth on the itchy bite to settle things down.  The dog fell back to sleep snoring even louder than she had before… still ticked off and rudely not accepting my apology.  Eventually I drifted off.

I hate Mosquitos… their bites send me over the edge.  Every summer I get a bite in the corner of my eye… swelling it up and turning black like I’d been in the fight of my life.  This summer will be no different.

We’re going away for a girls weekend and last night’s mini bite has reminded me of the scratching coming my way.  I’m looking forward to everythng except for the pests I can’t seem to shake.  At least we’re in a cottage… with a screened in… but they’ll still find me… they always find me… irritating the heck out of me just when I’m trying to have a good time.  My pasty pale skin is a treat for the nasty things.  They seek me out and when I’m around… everyone else is safe.  I can hear them whispering to one another… ganging up on me… treating me like the fancy dish at the buffet!  I’m a freakin’ mosquito delicacy ripe for the picking!

I’m fighting back. I’m done with these damn pesky things making me miserable.  I’m getting me a big zapper to zap the things to oblivion.  I’ve given enough of my blood!  I’m done with scratching and sleepless nights.  The damn pests have got to go!