Jumping for joy…

Jumping Pictures are HILARIOUS!  Actually… jumping pictures are funny… taking off and landing pictures… now that’s hilarious!

I wanted some really fun pictures of my girlfriends frolicking on the beach… but taking a “flying through the air” picture sounded much easier than it actually was!  You have to time the click so that you’re not beginning a jump or finishing a jump… but rather… smack dab in the middle of a fantastic “mid air” jump!!  (And let’s not forget that we’re all over forty with several births among us… jumping, drinking and laughing hysterically is a dangerous combination!)

It was determined that starting from a standing position doesn’t work.  It feels like you’re extraordinarily high… but truth is… you’re barely leaving the ground.  Your feet are firmly planted in the sand and the rest of your body is in an upward motion… hair wildly moving around and the strangest look on your face that you can imagine… somewhere between concentration and constipation… and possibly the need to pee.
Running leaps work best… but timing is everything.  The running part and the jumping part have to start before the camera button is clicked… and hopefully the timing will get you the perfect shot… but chances are it won’t!  And you’ll have to do it again… and it’s so worth doing it again.

This weekend was perfect.  We talked… we ate… we relaxed and refreshed.  Five women acting ridiculous… full of fun and silliness.  We have pictures that show it.  Twenty two of them are out takes… fabulous, wonderful, silly, ridiculous out takes!

I’m heading to bed exhausted.  Extremely relaxed… yet at the same time exhausted!  We had a fabulous time with perfect photographs to prove it… and a few “not so perfect” shots to prove it even more!