One down two to go…

The saying goes that you will only be given as much as you can handle… and I can handle a lot… but I’ll need to handle more!

As my oldest finishes High School… the next one heads to Junior High.

Tonight he went to his first dance.  I helped him pick out the right jeans and Abercromie shirt… untucked.  Face washed… teeth brushed… hair combed… he looked fantastic.  He left the house and went to the dance with his best buddy… excited.

I wasn’t there at the end of the night to see how he made out… that is… what he thought of it… but he phoned.

What a sweet and lovely phone call.  He told me a few wonderful stories… but for the sake of his privacy… I’ll keep them to myself.

I’ve one moving out of the teen stage… one heading in… and another following two years behind.  For now I’m good… but in two years… I’m in trouble!  I can handle one at a time… but two!  Bring on the wine!

When I had my first, my mom told me she hoped she was just like me.  It was a threat… I wasn’t easy.  As luck would have it… she was nothing like me.  It had it’s moments… kids are hardest on those who’ll love them no matter what… but as far as teens go… I had it pretty easy.  She made it easy.  She made me look like a great mom… ’cause she was such a great kid.

One down… two to go.  I can handle it.

To slow dancing… to raising teens.  To phone calls telling you how the night went.  To leaving some things out.

To patience, luck, love… and wine… and plenty of each.