Clean your room the Queen is coming…

My friend Anna is meeting the Queen!!!  No…. no… that’s not quite right.  My friend Anna is making a hat for the Queen!!!!  No… no… that’s not quite right either!

My friend Anna makes hats…. the Queen is coming… and… the Queen wears hats!  That’s what I’m trying to say!

CBC is arriving at Anna’s studio in Lunenburg on Monday to interview her about making hats and the Queen’s upcoming visit to Halifax!!!!!  This is terribly exciting… being that I’m also called Queen… I like Anna’s hats…. and I drink tea!  I can hardly contain my excitement!

Congratulations Anna… enjoy your interview!  Glad you managed to get the studio cleaned up (the Queen is coming afterall).  I hope they bypass the laundry and the lego… hey… you’re a mom first and foremost!

If you haven’t already done so… check out Anna’s blog A Day in the Life of the Hat Junkie.  She’s a pretty neat mom… but I already told you about it in last weeks post titled “Hats off…” then again… it warrants repeating!

Unfortunately I won’t be going to see the Queen but I have an even more exciting engagement that day!  I’ll be watching my daughter graduate from High School… and following that I’ll be hosting a party for her and her friends.  Maybe we’ll wear hats… and drink tea… I might even do a walkabout, and if luck is on my side… I might even meet my prince!!!  Regardless… we’ll be celebrating!

Hat’s off to you Anna… and the Queen… and all the kids tossing their graduation hats into the air these coming weeks!