Comfort and joy…

The house is hopping again!  Been a busy few days… hence the staggered blogs… (but I told you that might happen this week!)
My girlfriend and her two boys arrived a few days ago.  Long hugs and happy faces.  Too hot to stay in Dubai for the summer… forty nine degrees is a bit much!  So far its been early mornings and late nights of chit chatting and laughing our heads off.  And when I say late nights… I mean ten ten o’clock… the girl is exhausted!

There was no need to catch up… we never fell behind.

Along with the excitement of their arrival… I’m still deep in prom and graduation… parties and activities.  To top it all off I bought a dress!  Me and my girls headed to the mall to find a dress for Monday’s graduation.  My first time wearing one since my wedding day so many years ago… and thanks to my girlfriends… it wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be.  The thrilling part of it all… I was able to shop in the same stores as they do!  It’s been awhile since I’ve tried on clothes while a girlfriend is in the dressing room next to me trying something on!

Time is moving along just wonderfully… life is changing.  All is good.

Having us all together again… its nice.  It’s strange that it doesn’t feel like time has passed… and yet so much has happened.  With us… it’s easy.  Comfort.  Safe.  With the exception that the kids are all growing in leaps and bounds… nothing is different.

Time and distance hasn’t done a thing.