Lazy days…

Ahhhhhh…. summer.  Beach, sand, lake, sun…  it’s all ahead of us.  Two months of running my children ragged and enjoying the air we breathe!

It’s late night outdoor movies played on the big screen… running barefoot through the grass… exploring new places… seeing old friends… spotlight… fire pits… smores!

Dirty faces, smiling children… happy parents.

It’s jumping into the lake.  At first… catching your breath… but so incredibly refreshing.  Pool noodles and boogie boards… sunglasses and beach blankets… snacks and lunches… folding chairs and coolers.  It’s hauling it all to the lake and dragging it all home again at the end of the day… to do it again tomorrow.

It’s sand in their hair that just won’t come out!  Dirt and mess that gets swept up.  Freezies dripped on the ever hopeful dog… turning her white fur a multitude of colors… and stickiness.  It’s water balloons thrown at the front door… just as the door is opened.  Wet grass trampled through the house… mud pies.  Not caring until the end of the day when you take half an hour to put it all back together again.

Suntan lotion.  Freckles that pop.  Blond streaks that suddenly appear out of nowhere.  Light brown skin and rosy cheeks.  Smiles that light up the sky… greater than the sun.

Beach bags filled with ants and leftover wrappers from treats purchased at the canteen.  Wet towels and suits that get forgotten on the bathroom floor.

Suppers with friends… drinks on the deck… laughter… music… fun.  Strawberry shortcake.  Blueberries.  Amazing potato salad, just right steak and barbecued donuts!  Wonderful people to share it with.  Traditions.

Watermelon and water fights.

There is nothing better than the glorious days ahead of us.  When we don’t have to worry about bed time… but rather fall to sleep exhausted and happy.  No homework to finish… no projects to complete… no studying for tests.  It’s relaxing at its best.

Summer is here… just as soon as the rain stops… and my kids get home… but summer is here!  So much to look forward to in the days ahead!  Two months of fun… adventure… love… and laughter.

With those I adore.

And those who leave wet towels on the floor… who I still adore.