It’s all about me… eh?

Holy 143 years old!!!!!

Can you imagine all the things you could do if you lived to be 143!  I’ve got 42 covered… so that means I’d have another 101 ahead of me… which is pretty cool if you ask me!

For the first 42 I’ve lived in two provinces, visited 9, and travelled to the US, Mexico and Barbados.  I’ve been to Disney three times.  I’ve had three kids out of five pregnancies, lived in 10 different homes, went to two universities and had at least a dozen different jobs.

I’ve owned four cell phones, 8 computers, two record players, three tape players, two Walkmans, one Diskman… and I’ve never had an iPod.  I’ve read hundreds of books and wrote one… and if you add up all these blogs… could write a second!

I’ve had measles, mumps, chicken pox, five ear infections, salmonella, dozens of colds, flus and swine.

I’ve broken all of my toes and had both hips reconstructed.

I’ve had tons of wonderful friends but only lost a few.  Been married once… almost divorced once… lost at least 300 pounds… just not all at once!

I’ve had five dogs, one cat, two birds, one rat. 

There’s been at least two hundred haircuts, seventy five colorings and one streaking!  I’ve had red hair, blond hair, black hair and brown.

I’ve not yet won the lottery… but I’m holding out hope.

I have two amazing parents, two awesome brothers, one funky niece, one crazy sister-in-law, 9 aunts, 7 uncles, 32 first cousins, 27 of their children and two more on the way.  That’s just one branch of my continually growing family tree and don’t get me started on my wonderful inlaws and all they bring to the table!  I’ve had four wonderful grandparents, lost two… and was lucky enough to know three of my Great Grandparents!

I’ve had several boyfriends… and liked most… give or take a few. 

I’ve owned six beds, five tv’s, four sofas, three fridges, two washers and dryers and only one clock radio.  It might be time to replace the clock radio… the alarm is rather annoying.  I also need a new sofa!

Happy Birthday Canada… you’ve had a lot of interesting accomplishments over the last 143 years… but this blog’s about me!